Barack Obama

Barack Obama

The time has come for Barack Obama to have his teleprompter reprogrammed with some fresh material.

Glenn Thrush, Politico:

COPENHAGEN — A visibly angry Barack Obama threw down the gauntlet at China and other developing nations Friday, declaring that the time has come “not to talk but to act” on climate change

Obama was so upset in Copenhagen that he gave essentially the same speech he gave in February to push Porkulus,  from William A. Jacobson,  Legal Insurrection:

Yep, the speech Obama just gave in Copenhagen is basically the speech he gave last February to push through the Stimulus Plan, that foul piece of legislation which has turned into a paradigm of big government gone bad.

Is it my imagination, or all of the one’s speech sound alike,  Jacob Sullum, Reason:

For connoisseurs of Obama-speak, the address featured a trifecta, combining three of his favorite rhetorical tropes. There was the vague reference to “those who” question his agenda, the “false choice” they use to deceive the public, and the determination to “be clear” and forthright, in contrast with those dishonest naysayers. These devices are useful as signals that the president is about to mislead us.

Somebody needs to take Obama aside and tell him that in order to perceived as a leader a person to look and act like a leader.   And leaders do not get visibly upset in public.   Personally, I think somebody lied to Obama, and told him that being President was going to be easy.

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