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Sit In, in Tennesee

From the mail bag and passed without comment:



Many of us are unable to attend the National DC rally on the 15th yet still wish to participate in a sit-in. The Senate is busy working on the details of a government run healthcare bill and they would like to pass it as quickly as possible. Some of them are under the false impression that we’ve given up and gone away just because they haven’t heard much from us in the past few days. And those Senators who have not made a final decision on how to vote are in danger of leaning in the wrong direction. We must remind them that our steadfast opposition to a government takeover of healthcare is as strong now as it has been all along.

We are going hold our OWN protests here Nashville Tennessee. Harry Reid is only 3-4 votes away from passing this massive Healthcare takeover. Nancy Pelosi has sworn to keep the House in session over the Christmas break if the Senate will quickly pass the bill.

The primary goal is to stop the threats to our most basic freedoms by raising awareness of those threats to press and public.

Details of the sit-in.

WHEN: Tuesday December 15th
TIME: 8:45 AM local time
LOCATION: Senator Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander’s office
http://www.bing.com/maps/?v=2&cp=q0py2w7ryhbj&scene=14395871&lvl=1&sty=b [1]

Senator Bob Corker
Senator Lamar Alexander
3322 W End Ave # 610
Nashville, TN 37203-6814
(615) 279-8125

If you plan to attend please

Email James Bowman at [email protected]

We need a head count to plan appropriately.

Bring your cameras, video cameras and cell phones to record and upload the event.  Bring blankets for sitting on

In conjunction with the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) and thousands of other citizens across the country, in protest of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid vision of healthcare “reform”, please join us at the above address for a sit-in at their offices.


– Meet in front of the building at the address listed above and make our way to their offices. If this is not possible, we will stage our sit-in in the front doors to the building.

– We will have handouts provided to share with staff and fellow citizens who may be walking by.

– Please understand, the mission is to stay there as long as possible, raising the awareness of what is transpiring with our Federal Government, before being removed physically by police.

This is to be a ‘civil disobedience’ protest for all parties involved. It is an absolute must we, as American citizens conduct ourselves in a non-violent manner. ANY violence during this protest will not be tolerated. We must hold true to the standards the Tea Party rallies have shown and let our elected officials know we are willing to peacefully fight back against what is transpiring.

PLAN B: (For those who wish to utilize bus transportation.)
– Contact Cyndi Miller at 594-0425 or [email protected] to reserve a seat on a bus. If there are sufficient reservations and a convenient location to meet, a bus may be contracted for our use. If there are not 25 reservations by 8 am Monday,
Plan B is no longer an option!!!
– Riders may sign up to take the bus round-trip enabling participation in the petition signing, visiting the Senators’ offices, and protesting. Or riders may sign up to ride one-way and stay to participate in the “Sit-In.”
– NOTE: Due to the lack of notice, buses may not be available.