From a letter from Andy Stern to the members of the Service Employees International Union, to her members:

SEIU does not accept that this monumental effort – that this reform that is so necessary to the health and wellbeing of our economy, our families and our future – can be over without a fight. A fight to make it work for you and your families.

The SEIU was instrumental in getting  Barack  Obama elected.   Ohama has declared health care reform is  number one objective, and now his lost is one  ally.    Over three left in office, and Obama may reached lame duck status

Health care reform was Obama biggest objective of his presidency.   It was to be his legacy    It wzs a the battle of and for his presidency.   Obama tried to win the battle of his presidency  by voting present.

Mean while Lisa Solod Warren, writing in the Puffington  Post, identifies Obama’s problem:

The truth is that a couple of people–and I am not even sure, always who they are–are running our country and one of them is not our elected president.

While Warren does use the word, what she describes is a puppet and not a president.  Later, Warren expresses shock that her puppet is not a leader:

And Obama remains a brilliant thinker, an orator who can rally the masses, a supremely educated man and, by all accounts a dedicated husband and father. But he has been unable to fight the system he said he wanted to fight. He has been unable to effect real, honest-to-goodness change. In the spirit of reconciliation instead of leadership, he has slipped and fallen on the battlefield of politics. All we can hope is that he can stand up again, soon, and take charge.

Puppets do not lead.  As it is Obama is neither brilliant, nor educated, credentialed maybe, educated no.

Hat tip and more: William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection.

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