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  • WHEN EVEN THE NY TIMES ADMITS IT: Bob Herbert at the Times notes that there’s more than a bit of dishonesty on the cost of the Senate Healthrcare bill. hint; you’re going to be paying for it, big time.   This is as close to the canary in the coal mine as I can picture.  When even the New York Times admits that there’s something stinky about what the Democrats are doing you had best believe that there is something extremely wrong.
  • DEMOCRATS PLAY THE BLAME GAMNE FOR SECURITY FAILURES AND FAIL… EVEN WITH MCLATCHY’S ATTEMPT AT HELP : Meanwhile, Margaret Talav of McClatchy’s Washington bureau tries to blame the Northwest Airlines bombing attempt in Detroit on senator Jim DeMint. Apparently, the whole thing is his fault, and not that of the terrorists, because Demint and the rest of those wascally Wepubwicans managed to hold up the appointment of the slot of administrator for the transportation security administration.  (TSA) What we have going on here, is extreme denial bet the policy in place would have worked had there been somebody consuming large amounts of government money in the form of pay. But wait!  Wasn’t it the Obama administration that waited nearly 250 days once they attained office before even bothering to make the nomination for the position? How is that the Republicans’ fault, hmmm? doesn’t that fall directly on the shoulders of the Obama White House?   And what happened, once that nomination was made?  Wasn’t it in fact to the people in charge of running the senate (Once again, Democrats)  who were so damn busy trying to arrange the government take over of health care, that trivial things like nominations for the TSA sort of fell by the way?  In any event, and by show of hands, how many think an administrator being in place would have solved the failed policy has embraced by the old bomb a White House?  Yeah.  I didn’t think so, either.   Not only are the excuses being offered by the Democrats becoming increasingly lame, they are also becoming dangerously transparent.  Will someone please explain to me how it is that we’re supposed to trust the government to run our health care, when they can’t run the comparatively simple operation of securing our transportation system?
  • BOMB PHOTOS: By the way, if you’re curious, ABC news has exclusive photos, apparently, of the Northwest Airlines bomb.
  • OBAMA AND IRAN: Doctor Charles Krauthammer comments:

    Doctor Kraithammer is correct, so far as he goes.  What the good doctor, whom I will point out again I have no end of respect for, blatantly Mrs. Is that there’s a reason that Obama refuses to speak up for freedom.  Obama, like any good Neo socialist, doesn’t value freedom as highly as the rest of us do. Kraithammer’s outrage is well placed, he’s right, it doesn’t make sense for all bomb attack this way if Obama values freedom.  The obvious answer to the question is he does not.
  • AN EXAMPLE OF THE PUBLIC TRUST: It turns out that New York governor David Patterson has more police officers guarding his entourage than there are in most towns of the state.  I don’t know about you, but that little factoid speaks very loudly to me about the value of government.  There is something seriously upside down when the people who are paying the bills, are feared more than are the Islam0-fascists sworn to kill us.  Perhaps being a poor Governor enter into that equation, somehow? (Shrug)  Just Sayin’…
  • GLOBAL WARMING FROM TURTLES: Don’t ask. Just read.