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  • ALL IN ON HEALTHCARE: Some interesting thoughts on this, from the Washington Examiner this morning. Look,  guys, they know they’re going to lose big time at the next election because of their going “all in” on the government takeover of health care. The vast majority of the American people don’t want a government takeover of healthcare  They know this.   At this stage of the game though, even assuming a Democrat party withdrawal and having it labeled a failure, could the price possibly get any higher?  And you see, real socialist ideologues don’t really care about the price.  The neo- socialist dogma considers being voted out of office a small price to pay for the government intervention in freedom.  Health care is no exception.  Another point; Even assuming they don’t manage to get the full government takeover, euphemistically known as the “public option” into law in this session, get anything passed at this point is simply kicking that can further down the road toward socialism.  That, dear reader, is the goal… complete government control. Until you understand the long-term neo-socialist goal, you do not understand the current crop of Democrats. Until you understand that complete government control means absolutely no freedom whatsoever, you don’t understand how dangerous the whole deal is.
  • YOU CAN ALWAYS TELL: you can always tell the level of Democrat desperation  when they start applying double standards.  Case in point , brought to the fore by Neal Boortz:
    Neal Boortz

    Neal Boortz

    Just this past week The Community Organizer told Republicans that they needed to stop frightening the American people. Yeah .. it’s those evil Republicans who are trying to scare people. But wait! Who was it attacking Joe Lieberman yesterday? Lieberman, you see, will not support a health care bill with an early buy-in for Medicare or the government option. The early Medicare buy-in is, of course, the ultimate government option. So … the reaction of the left? Yesterday Ezra Klein in the Washington Post said that Joe Lieberman was willing to cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people to settle an old political score. Yup .. Joe Lieberman is a killer.

    That is what I mean when I say the Democrats are “all in” on this. (I suppose you would have to be a poker player to understand what I’m talking about, but I’m sure most of you understand the concept )

  • ANOTHER TRUTH AL GORE WOULD LIKE TO IGNORE: The North pole sums don’t add up, says the Times of London. Well, given the budgets that came out of the administration he was supposedly a part of, I guess a balanced spreadsheet as regards temperature readings is a little too much to be expected. But here’s an idea; how about we let nature take care of the problem , as it had been doing we are told, for billions of years before man came along?
  • SWINE FLU VACCINE RECALL: The  Associated Press is reporting that Healthcare officials are recalling on the order of 800,000 doses of kids swine flu vaccine. The stated reason for the recall is that the inoculate may not be potent enough to do the job.   More government health care perils.
  • CHICAGO AGAIN: I mentioned yesterday that there was going to be some serious wrapper cautions with former Illinois governor Blagojevich end his trial on corruption charges being from the center.  Couple that with the mess that the democrats are made out of the country, and you have some serious momentum.  Momentum enough in fact to the point where even Chicago voters are considering replacing the senate seat of Barack Obama with a Republican. at this point the numbers are suggesting that the chances are very good indeed that that’s exactly what’s going to happen.  Also, notice the shift away from the democrats in Joe Biden’s former district.
  • WHY THE STONE WALL TACTICS ON THE FT HOOD SHOOTER? I’ve said it before, I will say it again.  The white house and the democrats in Congress are desperate to keep anything out of the news that will indicate that we in America are under the threat of Islamic terrorists.  So it is that the white house is still stonewalling the attempt at mounting a congressional investigation of Nidal Malik Hasan, and how ha managed to go unreported for as long as he did.