• MESSAGE TO RICK SANTORUM: Go home. You’re neither wanted nor needed. Particularly, as POTUS.
  • ACORN: NO ILLEGALITY? The Politico:

    An outside review of the beleaguered community group ACORN has found “serious management challenges,” but no pattern of illegal activity.

    The review, commissioned by ACORN in the wake of a hidden video expose that showed a few of its employees appearing to offer tips on how to break the law, also largely absolved the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now’s current management, laying much of the blame on founder Wade Rathke for lax oversight and dangerously rapid growth.

    Well, now wait a tick. I mean, is anyone even faintly surprised that a review commission by ACORN would paint ACORN as innocent?go ahead, tell me about how this isn’t all just for public relations, and in an attempt to put out the fires that have been burning around the place lately. The response of ACORN to their current situation is not unlike that of another “community organizer ” Barack Obama, who given a choice between creating jobs and creating a public relations smokescreen chose the latter course and set up a “jobs summit”.  It appears both the value public relations gimmicks and fancy words over actual accomplishment.

  • POLITICO ELECTED TO PULITZER PRIZE BOARD? Well, that’s what Greg Sargent’s reporting:

    Wow, methinks this press release, just out, will stir up a bit of discussion:Jim VandeHei, executive editor and co-founder of Politico, a new media company covering national politics and governance, has been elected to the Pulitzer Prize Board, Columbia University announced today.

    VandeHei, 38, is the first representative of a primarily online news organization to serve on the Pulitzer Board…

    The company, with more than 100 employees, blends the old media values of fairness and accuracy with the speed and immediacy of new technologies.

    What’s interesting is that this decision may not sit well with some old media types and new media types alike. New York Times executive editor Bill Keller, you may recall, recently blasted Politico for relying heavily on frivolous scoops and playing the “inside game” to a fault. Meanwhile, the criticism of Politico from bloggers and new media denizens is too familiar to recount here.

    I don’t know.  I’ve had my problems with them over the years, but I have to say that if there is any indication that Politico has gone to the dark side, it’s when they start brown nosing it around the Pulitzer Prize prize people. Kellers objections, are eminently understandable, given the number of times that his newspaper has gotten caught with its pants down by bloggers, including  Politico.  The bloggers that Sargent refers to are mostly left leaners, as well, and their complaints can be found on the same stable floor as that of Keller.  I must wonder, though,  if Politico in general, and Jim VandeHei in particular, understand just who it is they’re seeking approval from. Given that we’ve already mentioned the New York Times, does the name Walter Duranty ring any bells? I’ve not heard of Keller offering to return  that Pulitzer prize, despite the fraudulent nature of the whole thing.  Are you getting all this?

  • OBAMA’S APPROVAL RATINGS DROP STILL FURTHER: This whole thing is eminently predictable, to the point where all I have to do is cut and paste from the last time the subject came up, and change the numbers, and the dates.  Today’s number, another new record low, is 47%. Oh, Hopey Changitude.
  • HARRY AND THE RACE CARD: you know liberals are losing the argument over health care when we see their much vaunted leadership making comparisons between opposing the government take over thereof and slavery.

    I’m firmly convinced that Godwin himself should have created a corollary for the rule about Hitler being mentioned in a conversation.
  • THE SHAM AT COPENHAGEN CONTINUES: I’ve been predicting this all along.  1200 limos, Most of which we are told had to be driven in from Germany , something on the order of 150 private planes, to ferry the delegates who are telling everybody else that they are to carpool and ride in wheeled thimbles to save the planet? Sure, that’s sending the “right” message.  Unsurprisingly,the Saudis are at least a little bit suspicious of the whole thing. Justifiably so, in my opinion.  And the head of the amusingly named Environmental Protection Agency is still out there on the front lines trying to minimize the damage of the little peek behind the curtain we were afforded a few weeks ago.  Apparently, denial, is an environmental value.
  • SPEAKING OF GLOBAL WARMING…. Photo_120709_001o the people in Illinois and Iowa who have been under blizzard conditions for the last 24 hours.  As I gather it, that storm is headed up the slot ports us here in western New York.  Wonderful.  Of course, this is the time when I’m going to be doing a little truck driving.  Speaking of which …
  • PERSONAL NOTES: I thought I’d pass along this picture, taken yesterday, of one of the tractor trailers  the school uses to teach its students.  I will doubtless be driving this thing by the end of the day.