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  • THE REALITY OUTSIDE OSLO: So,  even thouigh most people don’t think he deserves it, President Obama, has gone and accepted the Nobel Peace Prize.  In his acceptance speech, he talked to us all about a ‘just war’…. depite the fact that many of his crazy supporters are convinced there IS no such animal. The reality, of course, is that there is in fact such an animal despite the denials of Obama and his erstwhile supporters during the campaign.  The political reality of this is that Obama has managed to anger his base while also angering those with common sense.  That  is a unique accomplishment, and is noted as such, herewith.  I mentioned yesterday that the president’s polling numbers are at record lows, both for him, and for any president at this stage in presidency.  The reality outside Oslo is those numbers are going to go down even further, and now.  We will revisit and confirm this next month.
  • BYE BYE, EDITOR AND PUBLISHER: After something like 125 years to publications, “Editor and Publisher ” is to be no more.  I think we can consider this another indication of the way the print media is going, going, gone.
  • MCCONNELL V LIMBAUGH: Over at The Hill, Alex Bolton mentions how senate minority leader Mitch McConnell is being targeted for not putting up a strong enough fight to put a halt to the government takeover of health care.  He goes on to point out that Rush Limbaugh has questioned McConnell’s strategy a few times this week.  Frankly, I think the questions are justified, and the answers are not forthcoming in anything resembling a manner of which I would approve.  you’ll recall, perhaps, that in a recent Ramble, I mentioned that the republicans need desperately now to be the party of “NO”. Apparently, senator McConnell didn’t get the memo.  There is no possible way to make a government takeover of health care better by adding amendments to it.  It needs to be defeated outright.  It needs to be stopped.  Now.
  • GORE THE LIAR RIDES AGAIN: Andrew Bolt has the details.
  • HABBY BIRTHDAY: Wishes go out to Billy Beck. (OK< actually that was supposed to go out on the 27th, but we were down for the server swap that day).
    Jenifer Rubin

    Jenifer Rubin

    This is not an administration that takes bad news well. Or to put it more precisely, this is not an administration that takes in bad news. The president pretended not to hear the Tea Party protesters outside his window in April. The administration brushed off ordinary citizens who turned out to object to ObamaCare at town-hall meetings in August as stooges of the insurance industry or ignoramuses. It went to war with Fox for refusing to toe the sycophantic line. And in December it’s reduced to screeching at Gallup for bearing bad polling news.

    Jennifer then goes on to point out that this administration has the strategy of doubling down on its nasty rhetoric keep turning left on politics and left on policy, blame the media for missing the “real story and admit no errors whatsoever.  I would further that comment by suggesting to you that the same is true of the democrats in Congress.  Indeed, that strategy seems to me to be the only point on which they are all agreed.

  • THE TRUCK: You may have heard that we managed to get a little snow around here today.  About fifteen miles down the road to the west, the snow piled up to 20in. or so.  This afternoon.  You can imagine what it’s like for a first time tractor trailer driver to ply their trade in such weather.  Such was my lot this afternoon.  I must say, I did rather well in it, I didn’t wreck the truck, I didn’t smack into anybody, I have not been asked to not come back to school.  All told, a successful day.  I may have some pictures to post later.  No, I won’t bother posting any of the pictures that we took this afternoon, given that we were driving in nearly whiteout conditions, and there really isn’t all that much to see as a result.  Here, though is a pic I managed to take from the cab of my truck this morning. Photo_121009_001