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  • ramble-truckingGORE CANCELS OUT: There appears to be at least one major fallout from the revelation of lies by means of publicly released emails among the global warming alarmist crowd, Al Gore has decided that he’s not going to make his personal appearance of Copenhagen as scheduled. Personally, I can’t imagine that are not least some of it among the global warming nonsense that I’m breathing a sigh of relief over that one.  And Kudos to Dan Riehl for what has to be the snarkiest response to that article:

    How flippin cowardly is this? Gore abruptly cancels an appearance in Copenhagen and after 3,000 people had bought VIP tickets for a photo op and light snack. Hmm Was it sharing the food that ticked him off, or was it something else? Meanwhile, Roger Simon and Lionel Chetwynd have called upon the Academy to rescind his Oscar. The headlines have to be getting to him if he passed on free food.

    Priceless, Dan.  Some others who are tracking this one: Don Surber, Sister Toldjah, Hot Air, JammieWearingFool, Another Black Conservative, Pajamas Media, Jules Crittenden,  Michelle Malkin, American Power and  Watts Up With That?,

  • NOTE TO MICHAEL MANN: A little attention needs to be drawn to the director of the Earth System Science Center of Pennsylvania State University, otherwise known to the world as professor Michael Mann.  He makes the halfway valid point that professor Phil Jones “made an error in judgment”.   The word you’re searching for, professor, is “LIE”.  But, I guess to use that word would mean you’d have to admit you signed onto the big lie, too.   Oh… and , Phil?   Look, buddy, there is a decades of evidence that these figures have been manipulated all that time, and frankly, you ill serve science by claiming otherwise.  You’re welcome.
  • MEANWHILE IN HOUSTON: The earliest snowfall ever is on tap. Yep… that’s global warming, all right.
  • HURRICANE SEASON… OVER ALREADY? Apparently so. This was one of the quietest seasons on record. We had two storms that made landfall and comparatively, those were relatively damage free. Some flooding, but not much else.  It must be a real problem trying to maintain the picture of environmental gloom and doom, when nature doesn’t cooperate.
  • BERNANKE SYNDOME: If you wanted any further evidence that the delta between George W. Bush and Barack Obama is much smaller than he either of them would have you believe, all one needs to do is look at the fact that the both of them are more than happy to put Ben Bernanke into the role as fed chairman. We are forced by this pattern to conclude one of two things; either President Bush was much farther to the left than the left than the left would have us acknowledge. . ., or President Obama is farther to the right than the left would have us acknowledge. . . Of the two, I suggest to the former makes far more sense.
  • LIAR, LIAR:  I thought I was being fairly harsh on the president’s West Point speech.  As it turns out, I was being kinder then I knew.  Check out Der Spiegel:

    Never before has a speech by President Barack Obama felt as false as his Tuesday address announcing America’s new strategy for Afghanistan. It seemed like a campaign speech combined with Bush rhetoric — and left both dreamers and realists feeling distraught.

    One can hardly blame the West Point leadership. The academy commanders did their best to ensure that Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama’s speech would be well-received.

    Just minutes before the president took the stage inside Eisenhower Hall, the gathered cadets were asked to respond “enthusiastically” to the speech. But it didn’t help: The soldiers’ reception was cool.

    One didn’t have to be a cadet on Tuesday to feel a bit of nausea upon hearing Obama’s speech. It was the least truthful address that he has ever held.

    Frankly, I’m a little surprised at this particular source being as harsh as they are.  Still, they have a point.  One of the other points that came up in conversation with friends was setting a solid date for withdrawal.  Now, there is of course some argument about what constitutes a “solid date”.  Trouble is, that’s almost a material in light of telling the morons from the fourteenth century that all they have to do is hang around for awhile and they can declare victory in absentia.
    Possibly just as troublesome to the White House is their supporters are going away, as well. Gee, you would think they would understand that this is what constitutes “hope and change”.

  • STEPHY TO  GMA? According to whoever is feeding Howard Kurtz, somebody at ABC’s offered George Stephanopoulos the hosting duties at Good Morning America. stephanoptime I’m sorry, but Stephanopoulos has always struck me as a political flyweight, someone well outside of his realm on political shows, and whose only real claim to fame was having served in the Clinton administration.  Service which rendered him on such mag covers as this one. (Right)  Certainly, a questionable resume at the off. He’s always been a bit of a pretty boy, as well, and I guess they figure GMA will do better with middle aged women as a result of his being there. My guess is that ABC doesn’t have anybody else to throw at the role.  Either that, or they’d really like to get him out of political reporting.it strikes me that a more cynical person could aver that he represents a Democrat party lank to a rather questionable past.  My guess is that they are figuring the core audience of GMA doesn’t much care about that link to the Clinton administration, or else they consider it a positive.  It’s my read, based on the numbers that I see , that ABC’s morning show viewers are not nearly as politically savvy as those watching “This Week” for example.
  • A MUST READ: Thomas Sowell is always that, but this one I think particularly good.
  • PERSONAL NOTES: The training for the new job continues.  I passed all the written tests with flying colors yesterday, at the DMV, and now have what you might call a permit for the CDL. A major step forward.  I’ll be taking the school’s truck out for the first time Monday. Actually, I’ve always been good with vehicles, once I get my hands on them and I expect this will be no different. So, in reality the biggest worry about the learning process is behind me. Actually handling the truck shouldn’t be nearly the problem, for me.  We’ll see how that goes and I’ll report Monday or Tuesday, depending on what time I get out Monday night.