The bitch is a threat to national security.   Fire her now,  from Johnathan Martin, Politico:

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Sunday that the thwarting of the attempt to blow up an Amsterdam-Detroit airline flight Christmas Day demonstrated that “the system worked.”

Mr. President, don’t wait for the congressional hearings.  Fire Janet Napolitano now.


Here’s some vid, from CNN:

No, Ms Napolitano, the system did not work, as evidenced by the fact this bozo made it onto the plane. The only reason people didn’t die in that incident is because of the quick action of the passengers on that plane, who were fighting for their own self interest, absent the government actually performing its duty in the matter.  It strikes me that there are some seed values in libertarianism that came to light in that situation. Even within the context of the heroism demonstrated by the passengers on that flight, the only reason that those people didn’t die was because the idiot had a faulty detonator.
As for your claim, that there was no evidence that the perpetrator was improperly screened, I submit to you the evidence that he managed to get the bomb on the plane.  Granted, that your procedures as listed were likely followed.  I think it clear however that your procedures  …assuming they were followed… were inadequate to the task.

There will be a number of people who will suggest that this is a case of blind incompetence.  I suggest, that Napolitano is doing precisely the job the White House intended are to do; carry the water and the pompoms.  We are talking about a government, and a security system, that ignored a warning by the terrorists father that his son was going to perpetrate such an attack, or at least that he was a serious danger to U.S. interests.  He’s been on the terrorist watch list for two years, for pity’s sake… and still managed to get on the plane. The reason that we don’t have 200 plus dead people strewn all over the tarmac in Detroit is sheer luck. Not that I would expect you to admit to such, it would indicate you and this administration  hadn’t done the  job, and that the vaunted system has failed us.

By the way, Janet… Nice face lift.  Amazing what you can do on an inflated government salary, ain’t it?

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