Over at PAjamas Media, Mary Grabar asks an interesting one: Why Are Tiger’s Women Getting a Pass?

As the widespread coverage of Tiger Woods’ affairs has demonstrated, we have a double standard when it comes to extramarital affairs between married men and young, single women.

It’s hard to avoid news about it. Even Rush Limbaugh has talked about Tiger Woods’ “conquests.” Some black media commentators have criticized Woods for excluding black women.

Woods’ mistresses and flings, ranging from cocktail waitresses to porn stars, are being made into minor celebrities. They share attention with the prostitute, Ashley Dupre, who brought down Governor Eliot Spitzer.

But rarely are these women the objects of opprobrium. When one TV commentator called these women “bimbos,” he was shot down by the host for his lack of respect.

the question is a potent one, and goes directly to the comments that I raised in a recent Nightly Ramble, income inning on doctor Helen Smith’s comments about how beautiful women can be killers two.  There is something of political correctness going on here, but I began to wonder if that’s all there is to it.  Wonder if what we’re dealing with here isn’t the systematic tearing down of someone who is reasonably successful it what he does, on the merits of his performance. Sport, whatever else may be said about it, is in fact the last meritocracy, and one that under attack recently.

But let’s examine this briefly.  Did women involved not know that the guy was married ?  Is prostituting oneself, given that we are talking about in large number people who were paid for sex, a sign of empowerment, by the likes of today’s left?

Look, before you get started, I will be the last one to lead to the defense of Mr. Woods.  It seems to me that his puttering around, speaks for itself.  Thing is, there seems to be something of a double standard being applied here.  I suppose and expect that the resounding silence to the question that Mary asks will be evidence enough that double standards in such matters are not going to disappear anytime soon.

Addendum: (David L)

Yes what about Tiger Woods’ women?   Phylis Chesler,  Pajamas Media, has an answer.  It neither short, nor sweet:

Johns are men — and to a John, women are either whores or wives. Mainly whores. Yes, there are many exceptions, but this is the rule. I am talking about the multi-billion dollar industry of prostitution (which in my book is not a victimless crime). The prostituted girl or woman is usually the victim.

But not always.

Tiger’s girls (all seemingly Caucasian, mainly blondes) are proud that he chose them, proud of the emails he sent their way, proud to have had sex with him for money — perhaps sometimes for no money, just for the thrill of it. These girls are not jilted lovers. They are professional prostitutes, celebrity wannabees, trying to trade on their youth and on their surgically perfected looks to become “somebody.” What else can they do? They are young, there are countless more where they came from, they age quickly. Some of these women are cocktail waitresses, event planners, restaurant managers, lingerie models, all-purpose models; some are porn stars (!), career prostitutes, and some are pimps.

I concur.   I add, while I don’t see  Woods as another O.J. Simpson,  Woods never killed anybody.   In his lust for bimbos,  Woods is a  lot like the former Reprobate in Chief,  a/k/a B.J.  Clinton, but with better taste and without Clinton’s  propensity for violence.   Yet the media made a  cottage industry out of attacking  all of Clinton’s bimbos and his wife used her victim status to get elected to the Senate.   Apparently, Woods has not sufficiently proclaimed his passionate support for abortion.