The dim one run on a platform of change.    After only a year in office, Barack Obama has delivered change.  Obama has turned Virginia and New Jersey red.  Fausta Wertz, Pajamas Media, swears she talking  about the election results in New Jersey:

[Chris] hristie indeed has his work cut out for him. In addition to a large number of angry Jerseyans who believe that the state has been run for decades by party bosses, and special interests, New Jersey has chronic problems and is nearing financial ruin. The problems include a huge state workforce, with the government now the largest employer in the state; pension obligations that are not fully funded and indeed were raided in the past; one of the highest levels of education spending in the country, which has not resulted in significant improvement in student performance; infrastructure problems that need to be addressed; huge government spending that needs to be reduced; and, above all, the budget deficit, now in the billions of dollars.

I ain’t so sure.   Fausta’s description of New Jersey, sounds a lot like New York,  and a lot like the Nancy Pelosi,  Harry Reid and Barack Obama vision for America.   Can Obama do for the nation what he did for Virginia and New Jersey?

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