The record of the Democrats since attaining office has not been good, at least from the perspective of the average American. Let’s look at their key agenda points:

  • Global Warming, as such has long been seen as a lie. That lie was unarguably exposed as such the other day.
  • We’re told that the bailout spending that the Democrats have done has helped the job situation, while jobless rates continue to mount to record levels. Oh, and of course, the ‘jobs created’ was exposed as a lie, as well.
  • The American people are being told that rationing isn’t part of the healthcare ‘reform’ but already signs of lowering the quality of care by the government are showing up. For example,  Mammogram guidelines now being offered by the government will certainly save money, but clearly at the cost of women’s lives.  Similarly, guidelines about Pap smear tests are being offered which clearly will produce less healthcare and more needless death. In both cases, such ‘guidelines’ would have the force of federal law and thus once again the spin that better healthcare can be had if the government runs it, is exposed as just another Democrat Lie.

There is a pattern developing here that is both undeniable, and disturbing.  At every opportunity, and on every subject, America is going the wrong direction at the hands of the Democrats.  And increasingly the American people are starting to openly question why they’re being lied to by the Democrats. And so now, with the bailouts having failed and the Democrats exposed as liars in both that and ‘global warming’, we come to the Democrat Party lies surrounding Obamacare. David Broder commented on this point at The Washington Post in tomorrow’s column:

David Broder

David Broder

The day after the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) gave its qualified blessing to the version of health reform produced by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Quinnipiac University poll of a national cross section of voters reported its latest results.

This poll may not be as famous as some others, but I know the care and professionalism of the people who run it, and one question was particularly interesting to me.

It read: “President Obama has pledged that health insurance reform will not add to our federal budget deficit over the next decade. Do you think that President Obama will be able to keep his promise or do you think that any health care plan that Congress passes and President Obama signs will add to the federal budget deficit?”

The answer: Less than one-fifth of the voters — 19 percent of the sample — think he will keep his word. Nine of 10 Republicans and eight of 10 independents said that whatever passes will add to the torrent of red ink. By a margin of four to three, even Democrats agreed this is likely.

gvthealthcare1Apparently, there’s a limit even among Democrats, of how many lies they can be told before they stand up on their hind legs, crying BULL$#!+!!!!

And yet, the Democrats in Congress, and in the White House as well, are still pushing this Obamacare as if they have some huge mandate on the matter that is not being reflected in the polls.

There’s a reason for that.  Put simply, this is not about bettering healthcare, this is about political power; about creating and enforcing a Democrat Party constituency by means of federal law. They know they can’t do that once the voters get ahold of the truth of the matter, and actually have a say in it.

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