As Eric rambled:

AL GORE… RED COURTESY PHONE PLEASE… I’ve mentioned a couple of times over the years that if we ever managed to get into some of the internal documents, and the real behind the scenes discussions of the global warming crowd, that the whole thing would be clearly revealed as a fraud.  Turns out, I was right.  Watt’s Up With That broke this story open this morning and the Usual gloating and denials have both been coming down hot and heavy ever since.I guess that it should be a surprise to nobody, the timing of this thing.  We are what, a week or  two way from Copenhagen?

Just a few tidbitw from the ‘Spherel first  Noel Sheppard, Newsbusters:

For its part, NewsBusters has sent e-mail messages requesting comment from all of the scientists mentioned in this article. None have responded yet.

However, maybe more importantly, with cap and trade legislation currently before Congress, and an international climate meeting happening in Copenhagen next month, the question is what will America’s leading media outlets do with this news.

Should we expect investigative television programs like “60 Minutes” and “20/20” to be all over this story interrogating the scientists allegedly involved in these e-mail exchanges?

Has there ever been a more devastating series of no comments?

Next, the fact that the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming is a fraud, is good news for human rights, from the Kansas City Star, via Thomas McClanahan,  Midwest Voices:

When Hillary Clinton made her first visit to Beijing as secretary of state, she remarked that human rights could not be permitted to “interfere” with larger concerns, such as global climate change and financial-market mayhem.

It was an unfortunate way for the new administration to begin its relationship with China. Sadly, this week President Obama only reinforced the message.

Now Mrs. Clinton and Obama adminstration do not have to sacrifice human rights to protect the polar bears.

Lastly, Senators Barbara Boxer and John Kerry no longer have a need, or an excuse,  to destroy our economy with Cap and Tax.   The exposure of AGW as a fraud and massive scale represents, as Abraham Lincoln would say, a new birth of freedom.