obama-bowsaudiThose of you with memories that last longer than the 30 seconds of the average Obama supporter, will recall this little incident of a few months ago, where he bowed to King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud.  The moment was captured, much to Administrations chagrin by AFP, whose photo this is.

Now, at the time there were many on the left, including White House staffers, who opined that the President had just messed up on protocol. After all, there is a long-standing tradition of now bowing to refusing to bow to ANY foreign Monarch. After all, hes new, they said at the time… and he can’t know everything.   I suggested it was an intentional sign of subservience… that he knew very well what he was doing, and what he was saying by that action.

He later visited with the Queen of England, to whom he did not bow, and who got herself a pat on the back from Mrs Obama… well out of protocol.  I suspected at the time that this was intended as a slap in the face of our long time ally and said so.

obamabowjapanIt’s beginning to look as if I was correct on both counts, given what we see coming from Japan, shown here by way of a pic in the LA Times, today.

There’s a very specific message being sent here, by whom he bows to and who he does not.

But there’s more going on here, even than this;  Ed Morrissey points out that not so very long ago, the New York Times had a hissy fit because Billy Clinton ALMOST bowed to Akihto.  As best I can tell the commentary from the Times on this latest incident has been far more muted.

Dan Riehl notes:

Bill Clinton disgraced the Oval Office by putting a young female intern on her knees. O-Bow-Now is just taking it to the logical next step, all but hitting his knees himself to any and every alleged world potentate. That seems to be the case except for our traditional allies like Britain, Canada and Australia, of course. That’s likely just too all fired American for him. Tragically, O-Bow-Now’s misguided acquiescence to the world’s leaders and more tyrannical dictators seems to go hand-in-hand with his weak foreign policy, too.

Exactly. Once again, we come to the point of discussion regarding whom Obama bows to and whom he does not.  Danny is quite correct in bringing up the issue of the week foreign policy, and our traditional Allies… whom, it should be noted Mr. Obama has been going well out of his way to show disrespect for.  There is a pattern, here, that I suggest has to do with the left and it’s view of the United States and its place in the world.  A view, to which Mr. Obama clearly subscribes.  I submit once again that Mr. Obama knows precisely what he’s doing , and the messages that he is sending.

The question becomes, is this the message that the American people want him sending?

Earlier, I asked the question “is the damage to our country by this administration intentional? Here’s at least one particular where the answer is clearly “yes”.

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