The Obama White House has gotten down right ugly.   The Obamatards  tried to freeze Fox News our of the White House news coverage pool coverage.   The White House turds offered executive pay czar Kenneth Feinberg to all pool networks except Fox News,video:

More:  Allah Pundit, Hot Air.

The other networks deserve the praise they’re getting for standing up to the Baby-in-Chief, but if they had acquiesced in this freezeout, a precedent would have been set that would have been eagerly used by future Republican presidents to close them off too. And don’t think they weren’t all keenly aware of it.

Jennifer Rubin, Commentary:

In its mindless war against Fox, the White House tried to ban Fox News from the White House press pool that was to interview the “pay czar,” Kenneth Feinberg. (Yes, it was a nice touch of imperial irony that the effort to cut off access to a particular news outlet came in the context of an interview of an administrative official who is not subject to congressional confirmation or oversight and whose job it is to dictate compensation rules to private firms that were bullied into taking government bailouts.) The mainstream media’s collective

Earth to Barry, you are not in Chicago any more.


Feeding frenzy for snarks.

From Moe Lane:

White House tries to muzzle media; draws back a bloody stump.

Tell me again how smart these people are.

And, Drew M. Ace of Spades:

It’s amazing we are in the position we are. We have a President who is more interested in talking to murders around the world but is affraid to face a reporter who isn’t enthralled with the crease of his pants.

I don’t think Barry is very brave.

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