From the Palm Treo, on the road:

Rep Rbt Wexler, (Florida’s answer to Cynthia McKinney) whose district includes Broward and Palm Beach Counties, will reportedly be resigning today. There’s a presser to happen at Boca later this morning, I’m unsure what time. There’s some speculation that he’s going to get a Obama appointed job, such as an ambassadorship to Israel…. but the inside money seems to be on hm heading up some non-profit or other, Possibly USAID, (Eh….doubtful) or possibly a think tank he’ll set up, that will focus it’s attentions on the middle east. (Seems the best bet at the moment)

Now, of course those reports don’t rule out the idea that any one of them could be also Obama requested/directed. If that is true, it would indicate a whole new area for Obama and his leftists to screw up.

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