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Someone Read It Here, First. How About a Link, Guys?

Ya know, this is getting just a wee bit annoying.

I said this yesterday morning: [1]

So, tell us, oh, vaunted master of the news cycle, what the bleep Rachel Maddow [2] and Keith Olberman [3] were doing in the room? And tell us, given the activities of they and a few other notable crazies inhabiting that channel, does MSNBC count as a “News Org”?  Why?

See, I [4] guess the real question here is this: Is the White House’s definition of what is a news org limited to those who act like they’re the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party?

So this morning,  By way of Memeorandum [5], I see Chris Arens over at TVNewser: [6]

Here’s a curious turn in the White House vs. Fox News fight.  —  On Monday, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow were among several people who attended an off-the-record briefing with Pres. Obama at the White House.

OK, fine. But of course now look at the pile of links he catches:Sister Toldjah [7], Wizbang [8], Another Black Conservative [9], Riehl World View [10], The Political Carnival [11], The Great American Blog [12], Weasel Zippers [13], Verum Serum [14], Gawker [15], Hot Air [16] and FishBowlDC [17]

Look, gang, I know how this game gets played.  I’ve been doing online writing for 20 years and longer, now… this ain’t the first rodeo.   I’m usually not one to birch, and maybe it’s the flu bug that has me a little short tempered, today. . But I have to confess a bit of frustration at the lack of recognition this blog’s been getting, in spite of  the effort and good observations involved.  David Mel and myself have been writing our asses off, with analysis as good as any to be found  on the sphere.  Indeed, and clearly, BitsBlog was on the leading edge of this aspect of the story on that presser… and got ignored for it’s trouble. Again.

How about it, next time, huh? Or do I really have to start playing the games that some bloggers play about spamming everyone and their brother with every post they create just to get some hits? If it comes to that, I quit.

(Deep breath, smile)

Allah Pundit, too [18]; jumps on the story with some interesting additional info, and that’s worth a read.