SIFY MOVIES: Al Martino, the singer of 1960’s hits such as Spanish Eyes and Volare, died aged 82 in his home town of Philadelphia, according to a statement from his publicist Wednesday.

Philly is in mourning, this morning. One if it’s own is gone.

One could hardly be in any kind of radio as I was through the 70’s and 80’s and not play at least one Al Martino record on the air. As a DJ at a Music Of Your Life station… one of the many I worked at over the years, Martino was part of the A list. As a mobile DJ, I carried Martino’s recording of “Daddy’s Little Girl” with me to wedding receptions for a couple decades.

Little bits of my youth keep slipping away.

BBCT: Fellow BitsBlogger Mel Douglass, by way of a note of Facebook.

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