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Obama in Dover

Jeff Zeleny in te New York Stimes [1]:

WASHINGTON — As President Obama returned to the White House on Thursday, after a visit to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to honor 18 Americans killed in Afghanistan, he said the cost and suffering of the war were among the factors influencing whether he would send more troops to the region.

To whch one Oliver Willis [2] responds:

Some presidents actually have respect for the war dead.

Yes, Ollie, some presidents do honor our fallen heroes [3],  and some do not.from Cassandra,  Villianous Company: [4]

To gain an idea of just how military families view having the President turn the homecoming of their loved ones into a photo op, one need only look at what happened when the families whose loved ones came in on this flight reacted to the news of Obama’s visit. [5] Of the 18 families involved, 17 declined to allow the media to photograph the return of their loved one. But more than that, 6 of the 18 (that’s one third) were undecided until they learned Obama would be there. According to the article, nearly two thirds of Gold Star families have allowed the press to be present.

Uncle Jimbo, Blackfive [6]:

FireDogLake Buttheads clueless about Bush and our war dead

I never cease to be amazed by the sorry haters on the left and their inability to understand the military, respect, dignity and the difference between a gesture and a heartfelt gesture.

If the President had wnnted to honor our dead heroes, he would have respected the wishs of their families.