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  • THE LEANINGS OF THE PRESS: I keep telling you about stuff like this, and saying it proves that the press will swallow without fact checking, anything is thinks matches the politically correct worldview they subscribe to. Case in point, today from The Politico:

    In a dramatic shift, the Chamber of Commerce announced Monday that it is throwing its support behind climate change legislation making its way through the U.S. Senate.

    Only it didn’t.

    An email press release announcing the change is a hoax, say Chamber officials.

    Several media organizations fell for it.

    A CNBC anchor interrupted herself mid-sentence Monday morning to announce that the network had “breaking news,” then cut away to reporter Hampton Pearson, who read from the fake press release.

    Pearson quickly followed up with a second report saying the “so-called bulletin” was an “absolute hoax.” Smelling a rat, CNBC’s Larry Kudlow demanded to know whether the White House had been involved.

    Kudlow has a point, in the context of the chatter yesterday about White House control of the press.

  • THE DISCUSSION IS OVER: What we have with Obama is a socilaist. (Here’s a working definition) Remember, I said it here yesterday as regards Anita Dunn:

    …lets please disabuse ourselves of the idea that so many avowed Marxists showing up the inside this administration is an inadvertent slip, also. They’re not going to toss her out, precisely because she’s what they wanted. Her politics directly reflect those of this administration. Frankly, I don’t know what can be more frightening about government, currently, than that.

    I note via Billy Beck, Dunn being called Mao Se Dunn.  Spot on, in my view.  Well, now Boortz climbs into the ring and tosses a few off.. and here’s one of them:

    Neal Boortz

    Neal Boortz

    Obama has professed his fondness of Communist student groups and Marxist professors while in college. He appointed an avowed communist to be his “Green Jobs Czar.” Now we learn that Anita Dunn, the White House Communications Director has a favorite philosopher .. a Communist responsible for the murder of 70 million people.

    Uh huh.

    Gateway Pundit has vid on Bloom that you’ll want to see.
    So here’s what I suggest, people… There is more in evidence and that Obama is a socialist, and certainly more people agreeing with that idea, than there is proof or consensus on the myth of “global warming”. can we call the discussion over now, and act on what we know?

  • BY THE WAY, BILLY: What your commentor said? That is what I meant when I drew a line between those able to read and play the notes and those who can make music. Vastly different things. You will recall that sadly, I count myself as one of the former.
  • TARGETED FOR DESTRUCTION? Ann Coulter notes Glenn Beck is being “Targeted for Destriction”. Gee, ya think?

    He’s right of course Obama should have… must have known.Ponder, however, the irony involved with this; Obama is using corruption in government as an excuse  to avoid doing anything while his generals are telling him this stuff can’t want. I wonder if it is occurred to anyone yet, that the corruption there in Afghanistan was part of the reason the Bush administration made a conscious decision to take on these problems piecemeal, with Iraq being first.  Just a thought.   And Barry,buddy, you need to understand the excuses on all fronts you’ve been offering are wearing kinda thin, OK?

  • OIL ABOVE $80: Of course the open question is why… is oil really up, or is the dollar sinking?
  • VOTER FRAUD: And of course the fraud leans toward the Democrats.
  • BITSBLOG BUMPER STICKER OF THE DAY: (Seen on the freeway me alone and without my Camera)


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