The editorial board is divided on what of the price of Barack Obama’s  disaster in Denmark will be borne by the elated one,  Obama himself,  or  the institution with a tingle running up its collective leg, to wit the Main Stream Media.   I gravitate towards the latter.

Obama is man is few accomplishments, colleges he never attended, books he never wrote and legislation he never got enacted.    Yet for reasons unknown to mere mortal man,  the dim one has been hailed as the great intellect, post-racial,  post-political savior who will  stop the raise of the oceans,  end world poverty, provide health care to all illegals, disarm the world and bring back the dime pay phone.    Ok… maybe the last one was asking too much.

The International Olympic Committee has a bunch of old cronies with no interest in any of the above, aside from the dime pay phone.   The idea that the glib one could fly into Copenhagen and get these geezers to act on anything beyond their own private personal self-interests was media fabrication.

Yet sadly much of the public bought the media’s yarn and more so, the media drank its own Jonestown Kool-Aid.    So why the media blind the coming of the the Danish disaster?

Don Surber:

It comes down to respect.

President Obama showed none.

And in the end, the Olympics committee returned the favor by humiliating the president of the United States, according to stories in the Berlingske Tidende newspaper in Copenhagen. The Google translations are a tad rough, but serviceable.

Bruce McQuain, Q and O

And, there was this:

Former IOC member Kai Holm said the brevity of Obama’s appearance — he was in and out in five hours — may have counted against Chicago.

“Too businesslike,” Holm said. “It can be that some IOC members see it as a lack of respect.”

A sort of “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” situation. Had he not showed up, I’m sure IOC members would have seen that as a “lack of respect” as well. Of course that didn’t stop them from flocking to Obama for pictures during his 5 hour stay

Interesting we have moderate liberal law professor and conservative talk radio host, in essential agreement,  first,Rush Liimbaugh, video:

Hat tip; Gateway Pundit

Obama Copenhagen, video:

Hat tip video and reax:   Ann Althouse:

I’m picturing them thinking: What is this pride? Why would we be proud of you? Why should we give you the Olympics so that you can — what? — boost our self-esteem? Because — why? — we, the world, contain Chicago? Get your nutty American inspirationalism off me. We’re talking about where to site the Olympic games, not who’s the dreamiest city in the world. Why do the games belong in Chicago? What was the argument? It’s Obama’s adopted hometown and it has ethnic neighborhoods, where all the colorful peoples live in peace and harmony?

So when some reporter is going giddy over what great historic feat the dim one is about to accomplish next, ask yourself is factual reporting or just media Kool-Aid?

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