Some twit named Erika Bolstad, McClatchy Newspapers, wrote:

WASHINGTON — When Amanda Buchanan and her schoolteacher husband talked about having a second baby, it felt as though there were three people at the table, she told a Senate committee Thursday.

“Myself, my husband and our insurance policy,” Buchanan said

I got news for you lady, pregnancy is not a health  condition.  It is a life style choice.   I you can’t afford to have a child, don’t have one.   No one who didn’t make you pregnant has any obligation to pay for your pregnancy.    You chicks keep telling  me that pregnancy is the woman’s choice.   Well that being the case, it is the woman’s obligation to foot the bill.   You make the choice, you pay the bill.

Erika, insurance was designed to cover unplanned events.    You buy car insurance to pay for your car repair in case of an accident, not tor cover the cost your next oil change or buying new tires.    Just thought that, you would like to know.

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