Clearly Barack Obama’s alleged  charm is not all the MSM plays it up to be. From a clearly a gasp Associated Press:

COPENHAGEN – Chicago was eliminated in the first ballot of voting for the 2016 Olympics on Friday, a stunning defeat for the city that was expected to be one of the two finalists. Not even the presence of President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama — nor a long list of celebrities — was enough to help the United States’ third-largest city.

Where I was wrong.   The Obama circus trip to Copenhagen wa s not a staged dog and pony show.   The competition was real, or the the IOC reneged on a backroom deal.    Normally,  presidents don’t do foreign trips  make agreements.    Do really think Richard Nixon negotiated anything in China?   Rather they do the trip to stage an announcement for an agreement that was already made.    So Chicago’s 2016 bid was not a pre-stage done deal.   Honesty from the Obama administration.   How refreshing.

That said, the trip to Copenhagen was a monumental, if all too typical, display of bad judgment on the part of  Obama.    The President has claimed reform of medical care to be a pressing priority.    Iran is going nuclear.    The  unemployment is nearing ten percent.   The situation in Afghanistan is critical.   And the president trying to chase down a corrupt set of games.    Some judgment .

Now that the distraction of trying to  secure the 2016 games for Chicago is over, maybe the one can get to business of trying to solve some of the nation’s many pressing problems.    Don’t bet on it.


Now which nation gets to waste billlions of dollars hosting those silly games, should be a fairly trivial issue.   Yet the Obamatards fought the ICO decision as if it were a war on necessity rather then one of choice.   Clearly the Obama moon shines less brightly upon the Brits, Tim Reid, Times on Line(UK):

Chicago’s dismal showing today, after Mr Obama’s personal, impassioned last-minute pitch, is a stunning humiliation for this President. It cannot be emphasised enough how this will feed the perception that on the world stage he looks good — but carries no heft.

Meanwhile, Byron York, Washington Examiner, reports the Obamatard adviser is shocked to learn the the IOC was corrupt:

Claude Raines as Inspector Louis RenultIn an interview moments ago on CNN, Axelrod said, “I don’t view this as a repudiation of the president or the first lady. I think that there are politics everywhere, and there were politics inside that room.” Axelrod said that a former head of the IOC was leading Madrid’s effort for the games, and others involved in other Olympic bids also had connections with the IOC. “As with any process like this, there are all kinds of crosscurrents in the room, there are relationships,” Axelrod said.

If Axelrod only discovered the IOC was corrupt after Obama’s mission failure, Axelrod is incompetent.   If Obama launched Operation Chicago 2016 knowing the corrupt nation of the IOC, Obama was a fool.

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