Gee who’d have thunk.   ACORN lies and saps like Media Splatters and the Washington Post fall for it, roll the video:

Gaius, Blue Crab Universe:

Gee, ACORN Lied? Whodathunkit….

Breitbart strikes again. When the first series of sting videos showing ACORN employees cheerfully trying to help two people they thought were a pimp and a prostitute set up a brothel featuring underaged girls brought into the country illegally, ACORN defended itself. They said that they had thrown the couple out of their Philadelphia office and called the cops.

Well, Breitbart revealed video of the Philadelphia visit today. And it did not happen the way ACORN said it did. At all. In fact, the “pimp” and “prostitute” had a nice little chat with the very woman who defended ACORN’s actions

ACORN lied to Media Splatters.  Will George Soros’ lads demand an apology?   Don’t hold your breath.   Will Soros’ lads even realize they were used?

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