davidl on October 18th, 2009

The Obama administration has an OODA loop somwwhat larger than Lake Michiagan.   Wenn the Obama adminstration smear Rush Limbagh, did Limbaugh bet mad?   No,  Limbaugh got even.   Limbaugh has Al Sharpton theatening to sue for libel. In contrast, the Obama adminstration has declared oeen war on Fox News and is losing.    Even the New York […]

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Eric Florack on October 18th, 2009

Hey Martin: …and says to you, “One of my favorite political philosophers is Adolph Hitler.” You gag back your outrage or you say “are you insane?” Or you just excuse yourself and keep moving. O.K., suppose someone from the White House gets up in front of an assembly of students out at the local high […]

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