The World’s most famous pervert and fugitive from justice has been arrested in Switzerland,  DRJ, Patterico’s Pontifications:

Director Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland after he flew in to attend the Zurich Film Festival.

Patterico  has included the victims grand jury testimony.   Reader discetion is advised.

More Patterico.

Aside to Ms Applebaum, thirteen olds can not consent, even thirty years after the fact.

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2 Responses to “Roman Polanski Arrested”

  1. Manson follower Susan Atkins who had killed Roman Polanski’s wife, Sharon Tate died a couple of days ago and now this announced arrest of Roman Polanski.What I can’t understand is, how did Polanski manage to evade the law all these years with the so called technology of cameras and GPS, etc. There is just NO way that one can hide from the law with all of technology that is out there.Something is just screwy here. I think the authorities DID know where he was hiding all these years. And one has to question as to why did they decide to arrest him NOW and not arrest him from years ago? Not to mention that this is going to cost taxpayers money for a trial that will drag on for years.This is another example of how there is no such thing as “justice” in the justice system in the USA. Criminals go free while the innocent and victims get sent to prison.

  2. It was not a matter of finding Polanksi.  It was a matter of getting on his host nations to extradite him.   As for why the change in atttitude towards harboring Polanski on the part of the Swiss, I don’t know.

    As for the trial, we don’t need no bloody trial.  Polanski has already plead guilty.  He fled to France to avoid sentencing.