Does being of  the left mean near endless suffering from pseudo-medical political aliments?  

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

After over eight years of BDS, Bush Derangement Syndrome,  is the left fated to suffer from over three years of OFS  (Obama Fatigue Syndrome)?   Howard Fineman, writes for Newsweak, but here sounds like Rush Limbaugh:

president’s problem isn’t that he is too visible; it’s the lack of content in what he says when he keeps showing up on the tube. Obama can seem a mite too impressed with his own aura, as if his presence on the stage is the Answer. There is, at times, a self-referential (even self-reverential) tone in his big speeches. They are heavily salted with the words “I” and “my.” (He used the former 11 times in the first few paragraphs of his address to the U.N. last week.) Obama is a historic figure, but that is the beginning, not the end, of the story.

More, Mike’s America, Flopping Aces:

Yikes! Is the “Mainstream” Media Starting To Sour on Obama?

In Newsweek Howard Fineman is saying what many of us have from the start. But when he says it, other libs listen!

While there is an “I” in guilty, there is no “I” in leader.

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