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  • THE LEFT REACTS TO ACORN REVELATIONS: To which, Don Surber adds his own reax. And so does Michelle. And, Hugh, for that matter John Fund. And the LA Times.  I wonder how long it’ll be before folks start making the proper connections between ACORN and Obama’s rise to power, and figure all this out. And can I just say the girl playing the hooker is just a downright melt -the -wax -off -your -dixie -cup beautiful girl? OK, I didn’t say it.
  • ...AND THE SEIU, TOO: Bigger Government looks at the relationship between ACORN and the SIEU.
  • JOE WILSON: Boortz says “Only in Government”:

    So yesterday the House voted to admonish Rep. Joe Wilson for his “you lie” outburst during Obama’s joint session of Congress. The votes pretty much went down party lines. To the best of my knowledge, it was the first time that a Congressman has been reprimanded like this by the House. Maybe be will ask Jamie Dupree about that. Speaking of Jamie Dupree … Yesterday during the Information Overload hour, he asked me whether or not I would vote to reprimand Joe Wilson and I said that I would. I would like to see a return of some degree of civility to the Congress .. and that means you spank the hand of those that you may agree with as well as those with whom you disagree.

    Now … a few questions. What about Barney Frank? Which do you think is worse, an outburst on the floor when you’re confronted with a president who plays loose with the truth? Or having your male lover run a homosexual prostitution business out of your home in Washington? And then there’s Charles Rangel. This guy is running the committee that writes tax laws, yet he is a serial tax cheat. Does that measure up to a serious breach of ethics or not? The House ethics committee can’t seem to even so much as scowl at Rangel.

    Well, here’s where Neal and I part company. The fact is that Wilson spoke the truth, and that’s really what the vote was about.  Does anyone really think that the Democrats… (who as Neal points out later on in the article, and elsewhere on his page today, have been screaming “LIAR” at President Bush for 8 years) …does anyone really consider that they give a hot crap about ‘civility’?   Or are they simply concerned about silencing the truth-tellers? And when civility comes at the expense of the truth, what have we gained? A group of very polite liars.  Sorry, but I fail to see any advantage in that, for anyone except the liars. And when you play the line that Neal does here, you abdicate the field of battle with these people.  This is a point I’ve made for years with such as Henke, who still doesn’t understand the point, I think. Look over the last eight years and tell me any damned one of them has even a passing understanding of Washington’s rules of civility for example. Sorry, when I see the last 8 years, I know what we’re up against… and the clamoring on ‘civility’ from the left given their track record is a concept which can be found in lesser amounts on any stable floor.

  • And by the way, Neal.. does anyone really consider that playing the race card like this is adding to civil discourse or simply adding mud to the water? Jimmah Carter:

    Go ahead people. Tell me about this this is because they’re concerned about Civility.(Spit)

  • OLYMPIA REACHES THE INTERNATIONAL “ENOUGH” LINE: The Hill is reporting Snowe has fallen off support on the Democrats healthcare. Which means, if this thing passes at all, it’s going to pass on a straight party line vote.  Rather like the vote on the admonition of Joe Wilson , isn’t it?  It’s my take, that the democrats will start removing some of the less popular provisions within the current bill to try and get it by.  Which of course means that the thing is going to be even more expensive than originally designed.  Gee, in the middle of a recession that’s going to go over well, don’t you think? 

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