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ramble-fd2This is the “Where’s the Fire” Edition

  • So, Barney Frank wants an investigation…. Of the people who investigated and reported on ACORN. A retaliatory strike, if you will.  Go ahead and tell me how this isn’t politically motivated. I suppose that such a call is not unexpected.  After all, what was ACORN shown to be doing ?  Supporting pimps.  Given that we know there was a prostitution ring being run out of old slobbering Barney’s Washington appartment, a few years ago one can easily understand why he would want to launch an investigation in support of like minded individuals. (Yes, clippers, there’s your quote)
  • Meanwhile John Fund comments on ACORN and it’s Obama ties. If a Republican had these ties the Democrats would be screaming bloody murder.  Yeah, OK, maybe they’d be screaming bloody murder anyway.
  • “Obama the Impotent.” That’s what The Guardian is calling him.  That’s the second paper from the UK in two days to levels that kind of charge against the man.  Offhand, I’d say the honeymoon is over.  I would also suggest that no amount of campaign like rhetoric is going to solve that perception for him.   Meanwhile the Telegraph renews it’s commentary on the subject today, and says the reason the UN loves the man is because he’s a weak leader.
  • ABOUT THOSE STINGS: Frank Flemming examines that at PJM
  • RUDE? Rasmussen says, 75% of adults say Americans are becoming ruder and less civilized. Well, up theirs.
  • GLENN BECK IS NOT THE ENEMY: Stacy McCain says it well:

    ..Lots of strong reaction to yesterday’s dust-up. Yes, I know Dan Riehl is quoting Wehner, and yes, I know Mark Levin slammed Beck. That’s OK with me.

    Stacy McCain

    Stacy McCain

    Unlike a certain deranged blogger who sees enemies everywhere, I am not interested in running a personality cult where everyone who disagrees with me is a “fascist.” The fact that Think Progress wants to see a Levin vs. Beck smackdown should be all the proof any conservative needs that such a fight is a bad idea..

    Well, exactly. And while I usually find Levin insightful, he’s got his bean firmly installed in his booty on this one. THe fact of the matter is, Beck is quite correct when it comes to John McCain. As Stacy says:

    By his disgraceful defeat and unprincipled politics, John McCain has disgraced not only himself, but has imputed an ineradicable stain to his innocent kindred. (The first time I was introduced to Ann Coulter, her greeting was, “A most unfortunate name.”) And let’s not even bring his idiot daughter into this, OK? If the blonde-joke punchline can’t stop at three margaritas, that’s certainly not my fault.

    When Beck gets criticized for slamming Maverick as a “weird progressive like Theodore Roosevelt was,” it’s hard for honest men to disagree….

    And see, there’s the key…. Honesty.  Does Mark Levin, or any of the crowd currently nipping at Beck’s heels, honestly consider that McCain was at all acting like a conservative in the campaign, or for that matter, before or since? Remember, the reason W won the nomination and McCain lost it in 2000 was, McCain came down to the left of W.

    And I’m not even going to get into the business of Beck’s supposed support of Ron Paul, except to echo Stacy’s comment:

    People who want to talk about the “New Majority” or “The Next Right” or “Republican renewal” need to get used to the idea that the conservative coalition of the future will be a loud, rowdy and unruly bunch, composed of diverse people with disparate beliefs.

    “One of the basic principles of military strategy is to reinforce success. If you see a man who fights and wins, give him reinforcements, and bid others to emulate his success.”

    We need fighters, and I suspect Beck will fight ’til ev’ry foe is vanquished..

    The reference to “Next Right” is particularly potent in this context. Then again, I’m even inclined to agree with Henke every so often.. when he’s correct. I wonder if the 8 year point has been driven home there, yet.

    Oh… Ron Radosh has a good piece up on this too and raises an interesting point about Frum. For the record, being dissed by Frum is not necessarily a bad thing. Roger Simon has one, as well. The reason everyone is pissed at Beck right now is rather simple.  He’s making things uncomfortable for some people. Frankly, there’s a number of people in this mix that I think being made uncomfortable should be considered a public service.

    But as to the current outcry in some quarters about Beck, think about this: There’s a lot of people out there… talk show hosts and whatnot who are far more serious problems for the right, than anything Beck brings to the table Consider Micheal Savage. Consider Alex Jones. No outcry around them, is there?  Think about it. And does anyone recall they were leveling the same nonsense at Limbaugh? Think about why that’s so… why the real nut cases are being ignored while the biggies get lambasted like this, and get back to me when you figure this out..

  • SPEAKING OF STACY: He documents that Charles Johnson is still an idiot. Malkin, again? Comon, Charles. And yes, I’m linking LGF2 now.

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