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  • ROTUNDO RIDES AGAIN: You can say what you will about The Great Rotundo, I’ll likely agree. But the tactics he’s employing here should be a lesson for the right, and how they should handle the RINOS.  Either they vote with us and our values or we remove them.  I’m telling you, folks, the right will win in a battle so constructed.
  • POLANSKI SYNDROME seems to be going full bore, with Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese leaping up to defend him. The Huff and Puff as well… though interestingly the feedback they’re getting from their readers on the point is far from kind.  We remarked on this stuff yesterday, of course. I’m forced to ask again, though, as I did yesterday… paraphrasing here… What in the bloody hell would Polanski have to do to earn the ire of these people, short of actually hauling off and voting Republican? And does anyone else find the mental picture of Woody Allen, who married his step daughter, defending Polanski on a child rape charge, just a little bit off the wall?
  • WHAT SMART ISN’T: Nobody ever said Bette Midler was the sharpest tool in the shed.  She is a WILLING tool, however.
  • IS THE DEBATE OVER ON OBAMACARE? The numbers we reported in yesterday’s Ramble would seem to suggest that. And we’re already seeing postmortems being done on the mess. Even Chuckles the Clown is saying they don’t have the 60   votes. It’s clear peple don’t want a government takeover of healthcare.  So why aren’t we seeing admissions on this… that the debate is over… from the left who was so willing to depict the global warming debate as ‘over’? Maybe they’re just having too much fun with their campaign of fear. Byron York suggests their moment has come…. and gone.
  • EVEN IN CHICAGO: Polls are suggesting the folks there are as close to 50/50 on the question of having the Olympics there.
  • OBAMA INCREDIBLY NAIVE AND GROSSLY EGOTISTICAL: Ya know, I never figured I’d say this, but perhaps it’s time we start listening to the French.
  • BUMPER STICKER OF THE DAY: I know what you’re thinking, and you should be ashamed of yourself.
  • IF YOU REALLY NEED A BETTER EXAMPLE OF THE OVER-REACH OF GOVERNMENT here you are. I will guarantee you that the complaint originate it from one of the commercial daycare centers in the neighborhood.  Likely, one that supports the Democrats on the local town council.
  • BYE BYE, DAN: Despite having spent something like $5 million on the case, Dan Rather’s lawsuit against CBS has been dismissed by the state court of appeals, here in NY.  Of course, you didn’t hear much about that on the mainstream media last night.  First place I heard it from was Bernie Goldberg who happened on the O’Rielly show last night,  And then by way of a reader who captured it and mailed it to me.  It must be said, that I am somewhat sympathetic to the argument that Rather was made a scapegoat for all of this.  It wasn’t just Rather pulling the strings the on the TANG doc fiasco. the left leaning of CBS has long been documented and proven beyond any reasonable doubt.  Rather was simply the guy in the chair at the time.  I’m not excusing Rather in the least.  He deserves what he gets.  But what CBS has managed to do within the court system and some poll the argument, the Aleutian, the falsehood, that they were not partially responsible for the culture of left wing bias that so pervades that operation to this day.  And personally, I’m not too worried about Dan Rather Being able to make ends meet.  After all, consider the amount of money that can be made with a few speeches on the lecture circuit.  There are certainly enough morons out there who think rather and CBS are trustworthy an unbiased.
  • SAD STORY: But a magnificent gesture.  Kudos to the folks at Fed Ex

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