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  • THE MORE WE EXAMINE DEMOCRATS THEY MORE THEY FALL APART: Van Jones now says he doesn’t agree with the “truther” petition he signed. (Speaking of the truthers, did you catch this act from Ed Driscoll at PJM?)
  • RANGEL: Meanwhile, Whizbang examines the difference between you and Charlie Rangel. Billy Beck looks at the story I linked yesterday on Rangel and says
    Billy Beck

    Billy Beck

    Why hasn’t someone deposited this disgusting old slob on a local street-corner slathered in molasses and feathers? Why?

    I mean it. No need to blister him with actual tar, I shouldn’t think. His so-called dignity might survive crawling home in such a condition, but I’d like to see him prove that.

    Billy, the reason why is simple enough.  Group / Identity  politics, and money. In the case of the former, I’m telling you true;   Think back to the Simpson trial. Think back to the revelations about the misdeeds of William “Cash in his freezer” Jefferson.  Just to name two among many. The fact is,  that as with the cases I cite, his supporters don’t care if he’s dirty. And the money? Well, the answer’s even simpler.  He’s paying off a lotta people, and now has goods on them too. I’m telling you, folks, this is gonna get big if it’s ever really investigated.

  • ANOTHER INDICATOR: Labor unions are losing support, says Gallup. Starting to detect a pattern here, yet?  Everything the left does.. and I mean everything, is an opportunity for conservatives.  Observe a few more such:
  • OBAMA HEALTHCARE ADDRESS TO CONGRESS: The president has apparently decided to jump out front of the folks with the axes, pitchforks and torches, and speak to a joint session of Congress on the subject of his planned government takeover of healthcare..  And No, Ezra Klein, you halfwit… It’s not his first speech on the point. In fact, Kaus addresses that very point. Does anyone think this isn’t going to solidify the opposition?
  • THE SCHOOL SPEECH: I know, both David and I have commented on this. But consider this a prime case of what I’m talking about too.  You know he’s going to be about indoctrination, right? Does anyone think this isn’t going to solidify the opposition?
  • LOWERING COSTS? Well, not so much. Democrats want to increase Medicare drug coverage premiums by 20%. Does anyone think this isn’t going to solidify the opposition?
  • GLOBAL WARMING, TOO.. as Jonah Goldberg explains today.

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