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  • WHAT’S UP WITH THAT? I don’t understand all the hoo-hah about Jenna Bush being hired by NBC. OK, the girl’s serious qualifications are her looks,and I personally think them formidable. But consider it this way; in a race between her the similarly under qualified Keith Olberman, guess who wins that one?  While I’m thinking of that, what the bleep ARE  Olberman’s qualifications, anyway?  Can anyone answer that question?
  • SPEAKING OF UNQUALIFIED: I see were Curt Schilling was on WEEI this morning … making noises like he’s seriously considering around for Ted Kennedy seat.  Well, he certainly has all the qualifications that Ted Kennedy did.  Minus, of course, the drinking issues.  Here’s some audio. He seems to think not being qualified is a plus for him.

Part 1: http://audio.weei.com/m/26159071/curt-schilling-part-1.htm

Part 2: http://audio.weei.com/m/26159088/curt-schilling-part-2.htm

  • WAIT… THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT HEALTHCARE? Byron York makes the totally unsurprising observation that the biggest boon Obama’s version of health care reform will have naught to do with healthcare, and will in fact be in the amount of power heaped upon the Internal Revenue Service.
  • MORE ON RANGEL: Look, I’ve been saying all along that there is a certain mindset that causes people like Charlie Rangel. I’ve also suggested repeatedly that mindset would be present in his minions. The NY Post says I’m right about that.

    Charlie Rangel’s “forgetfulness” is apparently contagious.

    Two of his top aides are among about a dozen highly paid staffers on the powerful tax-writing Ways and Means Committee who have filed a flurry of amendments correcting their financial-disclosure statements since 2002.

    Jim Capel, chief of staff for Rangel’s personal office, failed to file any such statements for six years.

    On the afternoon of July 14, Capel filed five years’ worth of delinquent reports.

    Capel told The Post yesterday it was a simple oversight.

    Reynolds, who also notes the story, quips:

    Taxes, and forms, are for the little people. I’d like to see someone look into whether bigshots are getting more lenient treatment from the IRS than ordinary taxpayers here. It sure seems that way.

    Well, I don’t need to have that investigated. Given the statements I mentioned from Pelosi in yesterday’s Ramble I already know the answer to that question. Now, Ed Morrissey jumps in with word that Rangle may have paid off ethics committee members.  A lot of implications, there, but the biggest of course is that’s why Rangel is still on his chair and not in jail; Others, particularly ethics comittee members would go down as well. Mark this well….Rangel is the tip of the iceberg, here, folks. And this stuff will be coming out between now and election day next. Ponder the implications of that.

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