Armed punk tries to rob the wrong woman.    Randi Fairly does not like being robbed and John Moses Browning agrees with her, from 15TV, Mobile, Alabama:

(MOBILE, Ala.) Sept. 10 – The lesson here is never threaten an expecting mother, especially if she’s armed with a shotgun.


Fairley is six and a half months pregnant. So, she says she yelled down at Justin Delhomme, he walked out of the house and she grabbed a shotgun. In the street, Fairley confronted the 18 year old. “He pulled a gun on me, and I told him, ‘You know, you need to put that away before I shoot you because mine’s bigger,’ and he put it back in his pocket.”

The Pundit of Poca, Don Surber, notes:

The 2nd Amendment rocks.

Rock on Randi.

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