Katherine Jean Lopez, National Review:

Being a parent is terrifying, with or without Greta’s show

Thomas Sowell:

There are no solutions, only trade-offs that leave many desires unfulfilled and much unhappiness in the world

Annapolis Center For Science-Based Public Policy:

Absolute Safety is Absolutely Impossible.


A hero is a person who risks his life for a noble cause.

Should a seven year old girl who walks a block and half to school be considered a hero?  Jan Hoffman, New York Times:

To get to school, the child leaves home by herself, proudly walking down the boulevard in a suburb of a small city in upstate New York. The crossing guard helps her at the intersection. She lives only a block and a half from school. Yet she walks by older children waiting with parents for buses to the same school.

She is 7, a second-grader, and her mother, Katie, hears the raised-eyebrow remarks: ” ‘Are you sure you want to be doing this?’ ” Katie said friends ask.

The real world is full of real risks.   The child, Jane Doe can either grow up to be a woman who faces the world head on or she become an adult who is afraid of her own shadow.   I think she on the first path.  What say you?

Look at the bright side, at age seven Jane is fighting anthropogenic global warming by reducing her carbon footprint, and is engaged in healthy exercise program, to wit walking.  More power to her.

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