Barack ObamaTo the best of may knowledge Barack Obama, was born in Hawaii in 1964.   That  is only my opinion.    Yet lame reporters, from the Lame Stream Media continue to attempt to report on their personal opinions as if they were facts    Case in point, Steven Benen, Washington Monthly:

THEY’LL NEVER STOP…. Last week, Hawaii’s health director apparently checked the president’s birth certificate again, and discovered that Obama was, in fact, born in Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961, and “is a natural-born American citizen.” A nutty right-wing website, however, produced an obviously-fake document purporting to show that Obama was born in the “Republic of Kenya” in February 1964

Bensen has never seen this puported birth certificate.    Benen does not even know if his unindentied health director has, seen or verfied this supposed birth certificate.   Yet for reason or reasons, which Benen sees fit to obsure, Benen reports the “fact” that Obama was born in Hawaii.    As a free citizen, Benen is certainly entitled to his personal opinion.   However has a journalist, Benen is not entitled to report his personal opinion as if it were fact.  Do not report Obama campaign talking points as if they were facts.

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