I’ll probably get in trouble with Eric for even mentioning the name of the twit  Meghan McCain, but I am bored and feel like swatting a gnat.   Miss McCain notes in the Daily Beast:

So Michelle Malkin successfully rounds out the trifecta of extreme female conservative pundits, following Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter, who believe that I, and Republicans like me, need to shut up and get out of the party. Is this surprising? Not really, given my father’s complicated history with the extreme right of the GOP. But what confuses me is this: Malkin recently posted an item on her blog about how “drowning out opposing views is simply un-American.”

What do Malkin and the other conservative pundits hope to accomplish by arguing that people “like me” have no place within the Republican Party? And who exactly are people “like me”? Young people? Moderate people? Young female people? People with tattoos who go to biker rallies?

Mean while back in the real world, Michelle Malkin is slamming Barack Obama for using plants in his town halls:

As we always like to point out: There are no coincidences in Obama world

If Miss McCain had half the intellect as she has vanity, she’d know that Michelle is admired in the conservative world because Michelle attacks liberals.   Malkin exposes liberal lies and she does so on a routine basis.   In stark contrast, Miss McCain only attacks conservatives and complains that she isn’t getting enough attention.

Allah Pundit, Hot Air, demonstrates that he knows who signs his paychecks and in the procress deos pretty good job pegging Miss McCain:

[Y]et the base hates her while they, errrrr, tolerate me. Why is that? If the “old guard” of right-wingers is so retrograde, how does a wayward atheist like me end up co-blogging at one of the biggest righty blogs in America? Simple answer: I spend most of my time challenging the left while Meggie Mac spends hers challenging the right, so I have a certain baseline credibility on our side that she has yet to establish. And why would anyone listen to criticism of their own side from someone who doesn’t (yet) have credibility

The path forward is clear for Miss McCain.  Will she take it?   Note likely.   She is likely to remain a non-entitity, among conservatives.

Aside, Miss McCain does not need to talk less.    She needs to say more.    Joe the Plumber is not driving unemployment towards ten percent.   Barack Obama is.

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