I am over fifty and have neve been a member of the  AARP.  Why?   Because the AARP does not represent their members, they use them.    The AARP does not listen to their members and does not seek to advance their interests, from Moe Land, Red State:

The young people trying to run the Dallas AARP meeting (while almost-successfully managing to hide their baffled contempt at the way that the audience refused to take direction) certainly thought so. Up to the point where they ran away


The so-called AARP representative refused to listen to their members and walk out of the meeting, rather than hear the member’s concerns. If you are a member of the AARP, tell the AARP to take a hike.


More, Michelle calls the AARP brass condescending: 

Watch the senior citizen “hooligans” and “civic vigilantes” in Dallas question a condescending AARP representative about Obamacare. Dues-paying members are speaking up about the organization’s sellout of its members — and the AARP brass is not happy. Yes, the winds of real hope and change are blowing:

I would hope that in the future condescending will change to lonely.

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