Obama’s not leading. He’s campaigning, and doing that on a float of ignorance about the very bill he touts. Giuliani has it right — this is the President with no leadership clothes at all

Ed Morrissey, Hot Air.

Ed echos a theme Kyle-Anne touched on the other day:

Leaders don’t fall from the sky without proof they ever made friends and dated girlfriends and earned grades and had businesses and wrote papers, folks.  Leaders have visible trails; they have made a record of their successes and proudly show them whenever asked.  Barack Obama resides in the White House without ever showing a shred of genuine evidence that he is the greatly-gifted man he and his media sycophants say he is.  And 52% of the American electorate has bought this faster than they would buy a used car from a slick-suited salesman on a shady lot.

Ed’s point is that the one ssn’t leading.   Kyle-Anne argues that the one has never demonstrated leaderhip.    I say, Obama has the perpetual campaign, because that is all that he knows.

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