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RIGHT WING NEWS: Blogger Poll Results On Health Care

Right Wing News polled 74 conservative bloggers on the health care bills winding their way through Congress.

You can see the results here. [1]

Here are a couple of sample Q&A’s from the poll:

2) If the health care bills moving through Congress are passed, do you believe it would lead to Americans being denied potentially life saving operations to save money?

Yes: 72 (97.3%)
No: 2 (2.7%)

7) Would you be willing to support health care reform that primarily emphasized market based reforms like allowing insurance to be sold across state lines, Health care savings accounts, tort reform, tax breaks for health care given to individuals instead of companies, etc?

Yes: 74 (100%)
No: 0 (0%)

Pretty overwhelming, really. And the fact is, it’s reflective of the population at large to a greater degree than anyone among the Democrats (Which naturally includes the mainstream media) is willing to say.