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ramble-groceryThis is The “Pick Up Some Milk” Edition

  • HEALTHCARE CRISIS AS MEASURED BY COST:  Dean Kamen one of the world’s most prolific inventors of healthcare technologies  says,  at of all places Popular Mechanics, that the notion that the U.S. has a healthcare crisis is flat out wrong.  Rather than slowing the pace of medical progress in order to cut healthcare costs, he argues, America should be encouraging more innovation in life-saving drugs and technologies. Well, yeah, that is how a free people in a capitalist society does things.  Which is why Obama and congressional Democrats will never do it. I must say I’m shocked this ever made print in that magazine.
    James Joyner

    James Joyner

    The theme of Wednesday’s edition of OTB Radio was “Crazy Politics.” Spurred by the bitterness of recent discussion threads on seemingly innocuous topics, Dave Schuler and I wondered where it was all headed.Well, we got a pretty good clue last night.

    Six people were arrested last night in St. Louis  after one of the many town hall meetings going on between Members of Congress and their constituents on the attempt to reform our health care delivery and payment system.

    Well, look. First of all, let’s disabuse ourselves of the notion that anything labeled “reform” is automatically an improvement.  Let’s also remove from the table the undercurrent in all of this that this is a reform. It  has, rather been clearly shown many times over as a mere government takeover… which by it’s nature precludes any serious re-reform in the future. That said, let’s continue with Joyner, who includes clips describing the various ‘town halls’ and their results, and then says:

    Regardless, however, we should be able to agree that shutting down public debate on the matter in the guise of “being heard” is not only unproductive but un-American.

    James, you’re making the assumption that the people running this town hall .. the Democrats…wanted anything to do with a free and open discussion. Where’d all the SEIU mob come from if that’s what they were about? I’ve addressed this issue, in some detail in a recent post here. If there is anyone who needs a taste of their own meds, it’s the Democrats on this issue and so many others. It’s the Democrats who made this level of discourse not only the norm, but the requirement. As one commentor over there quips: “It’s so good to see how President Obama has brought us all together … a national “Kumbaya” moment.”

  •   THE SECOND 100 DAYS: Boortz says, today:


    How’s it working out for him so far? According to Rasmussen, after six months in the Oval Office, Barack Obama has a lower job-approval rating than did ten of the last twelve presidents at the same point in their presidencies.Barack Obama has been far worse than I ever could have imagined. I don’t think that one year ago anyone could have convinced me that he would have been this dishonest, this radical and this dangerous to the cause of freedom and economic liberty. I have serious doubts about the ability of our country to survive eight years of this man’s politics.

    Which means, dear reader, that Boortz is today, where I was back on November 12th last, and even before. I told you guys what I figured was going to happen with this guy in power. I said as much in my left-handed endorsement of McCain.

  • SPEAKING OF MCCAIN:  He agrees with me that Clinton going to kiss gargoyle backside is a bad move.

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