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This is the Two Eggs Over Easy, Bacon Edition

  • NON-ENDORSEMENT: Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey:

    Take a look at this video from almost three weeks ago and decide for yourself if the AARP has withheld its endorsement from ObamaCare.  If Barack Obama saw this 30-second spot when it first got released, he can be forgiven for assuming that the advocacy group had explicitly endorsed his plans for overhauling the American health-care system. Given its exhortation to call Congress and demand that health-care reform pass, it would be hard to assume anything else…

    Mimmmmpffhhhph…Thing is, Ed, that only makes sense if you make the assumption that the entire day of the AARP is all of one political mind.now, I will be among the first to admit that they are dominated politically by the left.  That said however, there are a number of corners in AARP that are, shall we say, much less than devoted to the current administration.  There are enough are realists within the organization to understand that many of the proposals put forward by this administration would undermine programs that have been make or break for AARP in the past.

  • AND BY THE WAY: CNS is pointing out that the Republicans have three different alternative plans for Obamacare. Trouble is none of them call for removing government from the scene outright. That’s really what is required here.
  • SHUTTING DOWN GOVERNMENTAnother state is talking about shutting down government. I suspect the worst nightmare for government is when nobody notices.
  • THANK YOU SIR, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER? Obama gives us the rosy forecast… a direct result of his policies.