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ramble-bluesnow(Yeah, I know.. I happened to be playing some ELP, and the mood struck me.)

This is the “Snow” Edition Why? Simple.. it’s 90 outside.  The one really hot day of the year so far, around here. Do you know last month was the coldest July on record for these parts? I blame Global Warming. (Snicker)

  •  Greg Craig could be gone….  by the time you read this. Essentially, Craig will be the fall guy for Obama’s sticking with Bush War On Terror Policy.  Does anyone really suppose this will change things?
  • Congrats to Ann Althouse and her new Hubby  as of yesterday. Was just discussing with Donna yesterday we’d both like to go there someday,(where they got married)  just to see the mountains, if nothing else.
  • BitsBlog Housekeeping:  A bugfix is out for the current version of WordPress. We’ll be upgrading in the next day or so to version 2.8.3.
  • How’s that Obama thing working out?  Not so well.  Cash For Clunkers, is itself a clunker, and the word has gone out among the people.  The Economy goes to hell, thus lowering the tax take by near record numbers. What’s Obama’s response? Instead of freeing up business to make money and get the economy moving, Obama wants to Raise taxes, despite his promise not to;
  • Voter Anger:  I made mention of several examples of voter anger out there, in yesterday’s Ramble.  Here’s another.
  • Democrats in serious trouble… verypitchfork  very serious trouble…and his people know it.   They’re now reacting to vid being shown of Obama stating repeatedly and flatly that private healthcare plans would be gone, period.   It’s causing Obama serious problems and rightly so.  I said in an article at PJM some months ago, that the pitchforks were being aimed not at the private sector, but at the government that had so mishandled things. That statement is becoming more clearly true by the day. That will be the topic of the next few days and weeks as the congress heads home to face increasingly angry crowds.
  • Clinton Kissing Gargoyle Butt:  Bill Clinton is in NORK, trying to get Al Gore’s “reporters” freed. Question of course is what he will negotiate away to get Al Gore’s employees back for him. Politico is saying that NORK state media has them as being ‘Pardoned”

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