ramble-snowtavernWelcome one and all to the most intense nightly read on the ‘sphere The BitsBlog Nightly Ramble.

This is the “Remember that white stuff” edition

  • OBAMA SUPPORTER BILL RICHARDSON GETS A PASS: Perhaps more correctly, a “get out of jail free” card. Anyone who thinks this isn’t a political choice,  raise your hand.
  • 25,000 TEXT MESSAGES? Hell, my two can whip that many off in about 15 minutes.  And they’re sending them all where? And how do they know they’ll have gotten there?  By the angry howls from the beings there, who don’t have unlimited texting on their call plans, I guess. Personally I’d be interested in knowing what kind of government funding is being used to send text messages into space…
  • CHARLIE RANGLE: STOOL SAMPLE. It strikes me as being emblematic that the Democrats have an incurable tax-cheating pantload, designing new taxes to take money from you to pay for government giveaways.. taxes he himself doesn’t pay.
  • ARROGANCE? WELL, YES. NY Daily News columnist Adrea Tantaros suggests  that President Obama’s arrogance is killing his health care plan. Of course, what Andrea doesn’t say is that it helped create that monster, too. It all events out. Fortunately, most Americans have identified it as being destructive to America.
  • THE CATCH 22 SUPERCOMPUTER: Boortz points up today that the weather supercomputer on the UK… the one making all these glorious predictions of our destruction because of global warming’….. is one of the UK’s worst polluters. You can’t make this stuff up.
  • WHAT REALLY DOES TURN WOMEN ON? Maureen Rice at the Daily Mail has come up with as a sure hit counter strainer, examining that issue. Interestingly… most of this stuff is fairly common sensical…

    Women with high levels of testosterone are much more likely to be ambitious and assertive and to choose traditionally male careers in business and finance. They’re also likely to want more sex (low levels of testosterone have been shown to produce the opposite effect).

    ‘Eureka!’ shout the biologists. This shows that female desire, like male, is rooted in body chemistry.

    Simplistic rubbish, respond the psychotherapists.

    They believe that female desire is made up of physical, emotional, social and relationship factors. If you have poor body image, an uptight family background, bad early sexual experiences or a partner who is insensitive, lazy or just not that nice, then your sex drive very likely would take a nose-dive.

    Well, look, it’s been a few years since I was dating, but I can tel you that’s true. All of it, and all at once. And trust me on this; The factors listed can and usually do, have an additive…(Or subtractive) effect. Add to those, issues of self-worth, (not just body image issues) and you’ve covered, pretty much, DC to Light. Go RTWT.

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  1. Nightly Ramble: “Remember That White Stuff” Edition