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ramble-burgerThis is the BitsBlogBurger Edition

  • BOORTZ ROUNDUP: Neal Boortz has a decent enough roundup on the happenings with the Obama misadministration that I don’t feel the need to dive too deeply into it, here tonight.
  • OUT OF CONTROL: Note, however a little further down Naal’s page where he says:

    Charlie Cook says, “These data confirm anecdotal evidence, and our own view, that the situation this summer has slipped completely out of control for President Obama and Congressional Democrats …”

    When might I believe something like this could happen? If the Republicans would stand up and actually offer something meaningful to the debate. There answer is that they do have their own plans out there.

    Trouble is, of course, they must also be plans the right will agree with. And there really isn’t enough of the right in the current GOP to get the job done.

  • CINDY SHEEHAN- MORON: She’s figured out that she’s been used all long by the Democrat party.  Of course, this is a point we made at the time she was making all of her noise during the Bush administration.  Several times over the years I have questioned whether not this woman would wise up.  Specifically I wondered if she ever catch on to the idea that the policies of this administration with regards to the war in Iraq wouldn’t be any different than those of Mr. Bush.  While she’s figured that part out, but still hasn’t figured out why that’s true.  The reasoning is as I said at that time; the war was necessary. Then again, it is very seldom indeed that we see a liberal with the courage to face down their own preconceptions.  Personally, I don’t think she’s got it in her.
  • GEE… ALXEROD IS DIRTY? It seems so. Let’s see if we can find anybody outside the Chicago circles to aver that they’re surprised by this.
  • I WANNA KNOW…. why someone didn’t shoot this bastard’s plane down.

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