Both David and myself have commented extensively on the divorce rumors surrounding Sarah Palin and her husband.

This morning, at Pajamas Media, I go little deeper with these issues surrounding the former Alaska governor, including her resignation:

Look at the “name in the paper” syndrome that followed Palin resigning her office and the stir that caused on the left. Not only did she reinforce her name recognition with that move with publicity you couldn’t buy from the dinosaur media at any price, but the press attacks on her actually brought out a lot of sympathy from grassroots types who don’t like and don’t trust the dinosaur media anyway.

I am beginning to think Palin played the press for fools on that one. All an accident? Perhaps, but I doubt it. Think of it in the following way. What could she have possibly done by plan or accident to get more press, more name recognition, and more favorable polling reactions from voters than resign as governor? That degree of success smacks to me of planning.

If she’s so much the idiot, what does it say about her attackers when they come away bloodied and broken after each attack attempt? Do you suppose it’s possible they’re desperate now and are tossing anything and everything at the wall hoping that something will eventually stick?

You get the idea. There’s far more, of course, at Pajamas Media.

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5 Responses to “Liberal Bloggers Crash And Burn on Bogus Palin Divorce Rumor”

  1. Anybody who had a hand in spreading this divorce rumor is a tool- and should be ashamed of themselves. Talk about desperate- hard watching the Dear Leader crash-n-burn, I guess.

    Palin’s resignation obviously puts yet more pressure on Obama to finally get some results, as the soaring rhetoric isn’t hypnotizing the plebes like it used to. There’s another viable alternative waiting in the wings now… just as we hear the first stirrings of Obamania’s death-rattle.

    Alaska was a pretty corrupt system until she stepped in. Her reforms took on entrenched politicians (inc. Republicans), a mafioso-style union boss, and Big Oil.

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if Obama had been principled and brave enough to confront the corrupt Chicago Democratic Machine? Or shady political operators like Tony Rezko? Racist preachers? Instead of doing business with every last one of them?

    IMO Palin could trounce him in 2012, when Americans would vote for the Gipper-in-Heels in droves- they’ll surely being looking for such an antidote to the Bolshevik con-artist who’s taken a wrecking-ball to this society.

    Small wonder then that the far-left moonbats -along with Team Obama’s David Plouffe’s internet squad- are out to destroy her.

    Go get em ‘Cuda- there’s a lot of us behind you.

  2. Sarah does seem to be the only canidate on the radar which has Team Obama sweating bullets.  Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney don’t inspire such viseral reactions from the leftards.

  3. Look at the last couple paras in the PJM piece. They’re going after the bigger threat… the shark closest to them.

    She’s a bigger threat because while, Huck and Mitt certainly are a challange to Liberal/democrat power, Palin constitutes a challange to the Liberal Mantra, particularly because she breaks the liberal stereotypes, that are at the very root of the left. That kind of threat must be not only defeated at the ballot box, but destroyed utterly.

  4. I believe that Sarah made a serious studied move when she retired her position as Governor of Alaska.  Seems to me that she is going after bear and I don’t mean the furry kind.  Good for Sarah!

  5. Lonni, the phrase goes: Good luck and good hunting..