The New York Times is reporting the death of Walter Cronkite:

Walter Cronkite, an iconic CBS News journalist who defined the role of anchorman for a generation of television viewers, died Friday at the age of 92, his family said.

Mr. Cronkite had been reported to have been in ill health.   His passing was not unexpected.

Addendum and bump:(Eric)

With all the drooling going on from the press telling us what a great man Cronkite was, I have a question, which I hope to bring us back to reality. You know… the real world.

Would it be speaking ill of the dead to remind everyone the extreme screaming  leftist Cronkite was? We get complaints all the time when we make comments like this, but damn it, is it bad to speak ill of the dead when it’s the truth?

Let’s be careful who it is we are paying homage to, here, folks.

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One Response to “Walter Cronkite: Dead (age 92) (bumped And Commented)”

  1. Walter Chronkite lived a long life.  His views evolved over time.  I have no problem with the Chronkite who reported on World War Two fro the front lines.  I do have problems with the Chronkite who reported an American victory of arms of a massive scale, Tet, as if it were some kind of military feat.  Tet was the frontal fight that Westmorland was yearning for, and it destroyed the Viet Cong as a military force. 

    One commenter, on some blog, went so far as blame Chronkite for every American death in Vietnam.  I will not go that far as to resolve Johnson and McNamara of blame.  Like the recently departed McNammara Chronkite over estimated his own importance.

    There is much to commend Chronkite for and much to criticize him.