The media, the left, (but I repeat myself ) and the Rockefeller Republicans (there I go repeating myself again ) are all majorly busy trying to come up with  “the answer” as regards Gov Sarah Palin’s announced resignation yesterday.  It should be no surprise to anyone that each of these answers are rather neatly within their respective world views.

The hard lefties like “Think Progress”… (a site, I hasten to add,  which involves neither thought nor progress)  insists that some kind of embezzlement scandal is going onThe Huffington Post is busy engaging in a premature “I told you so” moment.  They also suggest that “Palin will run on the Retardation Platform.”  (Way to stay classy, you idiots. )  BradBlog is busy proclaiming to the world that there’s an iceberg scandal coming.  Bruce Reed, tells us about how a GOP leaders keep quitting and the troubles don’t. and, other assorted fairy tales. Such as, for example, she will never run for elected office again.

Let me be perfectly clear: The context of all of these statements and speculations can be found in lesser amounts on any stable floor. (Do I really have to make it any clearer than that?  )

The indications I get from discussions with people in both DC and  Alaska, is that she’s preparing herself for a presidential run.  I note with interest, Fineman think so as well.  Interestingly, this is precisely what Charles Krauthammer said she needed to do.  He was amazed she hadn’t done it yet.  Click.  Change scene.  Add two days, and she’s doing precisely what he said she needs to do.

Not only is she going to be making a run, but she’s robbing their noses in it, in the process.  I must admit that last part has some attractiveness. Break out your recipe books for crow.

Bill Kristol has this one about right:

Wiliam KristolAfter all, she’s freeing herself from the duties of the governorship. Now she can do her book, give speeches, travel the country and the world, campaign for others, meet people, get more educated on the issues – and without being criticized for neglecting her duties in Alaska. I suppose she’ll take a hit for leaving the governorship early – but how much of one? She’s probably accomplished most of what she was going to get done as governor, and is leaving a sympatico lieutenant governor in charge.

And haven’t conservatives been lamenting the lack of a national leader? Well, now she’ll try to be that. She may not succeed. Everything rests on her talents, and on her performance. She’ll be under intense and hostile scrutiny, and she’ll have to perform well.

I suspect, she’ll do exactly that. Melissa Clouthier notes Kristol as well and says:

melissacouthierDo you get the feeling, though, that no matter the reason, she will be loathed, hated, lamented and maligned? This woman inspires such vitriol. It’s astonishing.

(Nod) It is, even for jaded sots like myself.  To the point where it doesn’t make much sense, unless you attribute something they’d never admit to:  Desperation.  The pure desperation coming from the left, which as I say includes the press and the so called moderate Republicans, is palpable.  The stench of desperation is overwhelming. They know what kind of damage to the left a popular conservative can cause.  And so they’ll do and say anything to keep her on the outs.

Consider it this way; If the left, and the so called “moderates”  are so desperate to keep her out she’s worth a very serious look indeed, to be the next president of these United States, come 2102. Like it or not the left and the ‘moderate’ Republicans are  going to be dealing with Sarah Palin as a front runner in 2012.

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3 Responses to “The Palin Dance; Amazing, the Variations.”

  1. “Way to stay classy, you idiots.”

    Pot…meet kettle.

  2. Put you your left foot in, put your left foot out… stick in your mouth and shake it all about……

    Bit, I am lost with my, spellchecker……but I do enjoy reading your fact full wisdoms, allways have, keep the logic and C.S. comming….

    See you on the play ground….


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