Trust me when I tell you I will not be turning this website into all Michael Jackson all the time.  At the same time one cannot be bombarded with all the information we have been without at least giving a passing thought.

From Fox, today:

The powerful sedative Propofol — also known as Diprivan — was among several narcotics found in Michael Jackson’s rented suburban Los Angeles mansion, according to a law enforcement source.

Some of the prescriptions also were dispensed under various patient names and doctors, leading investigators to believe aliases were used to obtain the drugs.

Authorities are investigating allegations that the 50-year-old Jackson had been consuming painkillers, sedatives and antidepressants. The federal Drug Enforcement Administration and California Attorney General Jerry Brown both are helping Los Angeles police investigate the possible involvement of prescription drugs in Jackson’s death.

In looking at this story, and others like it, I can’t help but wonder if it least part of what happened here wasn’t “suicide by stardom”.  or more correctly, removing oneself from stardom by way of suicide.  I know that’s going to annoy some people, but so be it.

Let’s remember that we saw several reports that Jackson’s lungs were so screwed up, that he couldn’t sing.  Estimates were that there was no way in the world he was going to be able to get through half of the scheduled performances already on the books.  Let’s also remember that he was reported to have said that he’d be better off dead.  Granted, we all have thoughts along those lines from time to time.  But time that together with the other reports we’ve been hearing about the amount of drugs he’d been ingesting and about the amount of food that he hadn’t been ingesting, and you begin to detect a pattern that is all too common among uber- stars.  Particularly , troubled ones.

Let me be clear; this is speculation based on reports that I’m getting from 3000 miles away .  But I would be very surprised if some of those factors didn’t at least enter into this.  But, you know… I will be very surprised if we ever get answers to those questions.

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One Response to “Suicide By Stardom?”

  1. Micheal Jackson is dead medically.  He is going to be buried physically.  That is not enough.  We as a culture need to bury Jackson figurately.  Jackson is a disease on our culture.  It should be eradicated.