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ramble-taurus This is the Texas Taurus Edition Amazing, what people will send me. A big BBCT to Harman, who tells me he’s from from Floydada, Texas, for tonight’s Nightly Ramble graphic. Floydada, for those who don’t know, is the home town of one Don Williams, who is one of the all time Country music greats and certainly a favorite of mine.  It’s also the pumpkin capital of the world, or so Harm tells me. Only one question, Harm… how much paint did you pull off with that packing tape, anyway?  

For the rest of you… you budding electronic graphic artists, you…  Care to build up a Nightly Ramble Graphic of your own? Sure, send it along, and I’ll take a look. Maybe you can have your work posted here.

  • Profiling?  I have been watching, with train-wreck facisination, the discussion on the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates. David has done his usual fine job in his writings on the matter here, of course… but what amazes me is some of the the comments that come from posts around the spehere. One of them, over at OTB we’ve both joined.  The frightening part about all this is the sheer number of people who are willing to shout ‘racism’ at the top of their lungs in situations like this. Example: When the point was made that the description of the people breaking into the house included the info that the ‘perps’ were black, the response was predictably amusing:

    So the fact that they are black should hold some special significance to the officer?

    Well, yes, it would tend to narrow the search parameters somewhat. You see, whereas the TSA, driven by the political correctness of it, will strip search 68 year old grandmothers looking Arab Terrorists using explosives, street cops tend to limit their searches to people who actually match the operational description.

    And of course the politically correct, among them, PrezBO,  would have us consider that limitation ‘profiling’. The Presdient’s response to the matter seems to me a blatant and cynical play on racial stereotypes. He blames white cop as a knee jerk response in spite of the fact that even he admits: He’s only “vaguely” familiar with the situation.  Indeed, if anyone in this whole thing is profiling. The White House knows it too.  And for that matter, so do cops around the country. Is any of this getting through? Jen Rubin comments. And so does Kaus

    UPDATE:  The Politico is now reporting BO has backed down. Well, Sorta….

    President Obama made a surprise appearance in the White House briefing room Friday to address the spiraling controversy over his comments on the Monday arrest of Harvard Prof. Henry Louis Gates by the Cambridge, Mass., Police Department.

    Just hours after Cambridge police union officials called on Obama to apologize for saying the officers involved in the incident behaved “stupidly,” Obama conceded that he erred in his “choice of words.”

    Obama said he spoke to James Crowley, the sergeant who arrested Gates, “and I have to tell you that, as I said yesterday, my impression of him is that he was an outstanding police officer…and that was confirmed in the phone conversation.”

    “In my choice of words, I unfortunately gave the impression that I was maligning the Cambridge Police Department or Sergeant Crowley specifically,” Obama said, walking back his sharpest criticism.

    Well, no. You didn’t give that impression. You WERE “maligning the Cambridge Police Department or Sergeant Crowley specifically”, Barry. There’s no argument or discussion on this. Nor does this non-apology of yours make it all go away. This wasn’t a poor choice of words, it was a knee-jerk racist reaction. Your racism was revealed for all to see. Period, end of story. So much for your stated vision of a “post racial society”. My contempt for Obama has no reached the stage of ‘boundless’.

  •  Obama Stumbled on Healthcare:  The Wall Street Journal has a firm grip on the obvious. So does Doctor Krauthammer.
  • One hand dirties the other:  I commented yesterday that the faiure of the Stimulus isn’t helping the Healthcare scam move along. Byron York agrees.
  • The manipulation of the news by the MSM:  Billy points up another one.
  • The Religion of peace in action: Will someone please explain to me why anyone thinks the culture that gives us honor killings such a this  or ‘shunning’ such as this.. should be taken seriously and with any level of respect at all? Please? Or perhaps someone can explain to me how anyone calling for such cultures to be treated as equals, should not be considered as accessories to, in these cases, murder and child abandonment.