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This is the Root Beer Edition

  • Someone noticed: Amusing that BitsBlog managed to make The New York Times over the weekend.  And here, I thought they weren’t paying attention.  I wonder; since this whole Madoff thing under discussion was about a Ponzi scheme set up over a period of decades, where the rich government got richer and the rest get screwed, I wonder what would have happened with that  clip in the Times had I made reference to the bigger crime in terms of Ponzi schemes ….”Social Security “. I will guarantee you it would never have seen the light of day.
  • The Palin Saga: Amusing also, that there is so much speculation regards the future of Sarah Palin.   Most of it wrong. Particularly, her political future. The smell of desperation from the left about this woman  has long since become overpowering.  The ones gleefully predicting/proclaiming her political demise… both Leftists and Republican centrists… are the ones who most desperately need it for their own political futures to prosper… ones that will not do well in a race with a hard line conservative.  (Note to the Weekly Standard… are you listening?) I would urge you not to fall into the trap of taking some sources at their word, that she’s done for with her recent resignatuion from the Govenor’s office. Unlike those sources, I actually made some phone calls over the weekend to a few contacts in Alaska, and discussed it with some people both inside and outside that circle, to say no more.  For all appearances what’s going to be happening is that Palin is going to be concentrating on her aspirations as president.  Longtime readers will know full well that I have a small ocean of respect for the observational powers and analytical prowess of Charles Krauthammer.  So isn’t it amusing, that less than a couple of days after Krauthammer makes his pronouncements as regards what Palin should be doing,  (And all the folks who jumped on that bandwagon following those comments) she turns around and does it? Long-term readers will remain that I have been critical with her on occasion .  But I’m beginning to suspect that Sarah Palin has a quality about her that most politicians lack; particularly liberals….the ability to learn from previous mistakes, and adjust. That, notably, is something the current White House Occupant lacks.
  • Muzzled? No, just Ignored. Speaking of Palin, let’s get a shout out to Shannyn Moore…. When you find yourself in a hole, quit digging. Idiot.
  • Honduras at the tipping point: … says the WSJ. To which I add Obama’s dropping bannana peels and pushing where he can… making the world safe for socialism. Wait… this is an American president?
  • Grounds for divorce? The MI6 Chief has his cover blown on facebook by his wife, of all things. Not. Smart. At. All.
  • As goes California:  Glenn Reynolds says: “IN CALIFORNIA, renewable energy shortfalls. I’m not sure they’re a good model for the rest of the country, on this or many other issues . . . .”  Oh, I’m sure.  See, it depends on how you look at it. I figure, they’re a good model for us to avoid.
  • root-beer-mugMoran Comes Around: Speaking of Glenn, he also notes: “RICK MORAN: Tea Parties build on April success. He used to be quite unimpressed with the tea parties, so I guess that’s something.”  Well, look. Rick might get annoyed with me here… a bad place for me to be since he edits my Pajamas Media articles… But therein lies a clue. I’ve observed in the past that the man’s got some integrity about him… on a level I’ve found in few people. I’ve flayed Rick on other occasions and other topics in the past,  and found him to be not only very much the gentleman, but also very open to facts that run contrary to his current path. As such I never figured this would go down any other way. So, I dont’ recall having made much in the way of comment about him and the topic of Tea Parties.  m( With all the hip-shooting I do around here, I may have, I just don’t remember it) I figured the situation would repair itself.  His defenses on this topic always seemed more than a little thin to me. I think he knew it, too, if you want my honest reaction. I had the idea from the off that the contrary facts would keep piling up to the point where he’d find his position indefensible, and his integrity would take over.  Long time readers will understand that I don’t pass out such comments lightly, or for reasons of being politic.  Do the math.
  • Independence Day?  I don’t suppose it’s occurred to any of you that we just celebrated our Independence day,  while we have a government which is trying rather desperately to make us as dependent as possible on government?  Sadly, they’re succeeding, too.  To give you an idea of how successful those efforts are, consider that we’ve just passed a bill to create a tax on ‘global warming’…. in a period when we’ve had the coolest summer in half a century.  And a good quarter of us are still complaining we’re not doing enough to respond to this ‘crisis’.  If that doesn’t give you a clue on how badly screwed America is, I don’t know what will. What are you going to trust? What government tells you, or are you going to trust your own eyes? There is one encouraging note in all of this. You’llr ecall Michelle Obama proclaiming when her Husband was elected POTUS she was proud of ‘her country’ for the first time. It’s encouraging to note that most  people don’t agree with her, today mostly on the basis of what her husband has done to the country.



  • So, where’s your Obama Sticker?  I’ve noticed many folks having removed therir Obama stickers. Of course there are a few die-hards…. who would never admit they were wrong and are still trying to sell us Obama as being the best thing since Lenin. You know, I must say, it’s one thing to be so bloody stupid as to have supported Obama in the last election. It’s quite another to advertise your stupdity this way. Of course, look at the car it’s on.  One of the options on this thing, I hear, is a kool-aid dispenser. It’s the kind of attitude that makes you wish you had a monster truck.  But how’s all this hate for anything to the right of Fidel castro working out, guys? Oh, about the same as it did in Cuba. And anywhere else socialism has been tried. I mean, aside from 10% unemployment and climbing, aside from countries that were supposed to love is the moment the Obamamessiah crossed the threshold of the Oval Office… aside from the quadrupling of debt Obama has loaded on our shoulders in the first six months of being in office… aside from a new bit of job killing legislation evey single week…    is there anything this moron has brought that we can actually celebrate over?
  • Oil is down: … to $64. Gee… almost like it was on some kind of schedule, or something. Oil drops the weekend after July 4th.
  • The Palin Saga is really about the press and the left:  The amazing part about all of this is that the real story isn’t Palin’s actions, the bigger part of the story is the reax fromt he left and the press.  (But I repeat myself)  Roger Kimball notes it too, and writes about it at Pajamas Media, today.
  • China and Islam: Apparently, China’s having issues with Islamic Extremists… IE; Terrorists. Gee, I wonder; Will China step up in the war on Terror NOW? I’m betting they would if Obama wasn’t in office trying to tell the world Islamic Terrorists are all a figment of our imagination.  140 people killed so far, and that’s what they’re telling su about. You KNOW it’s higher. And they’ve cut the internet off. Not. Good.

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  1. Well, I’m not sure I jumped on any bandwagon, given that I don’t read Krauthammer much, and I certainly hadn’t read any of his commentary on the Palin resignation.

    I’m also not sure that even Krauthammer makes a bandwagon all by himself, and there certainly wasn’t a great deal of editorializing about Palin along the line I took at the time I took it.

    But, whatever.


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